Summer to-do list progress

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back in June I posted a list of summer to-dos. Here's a little recap. There's more than a month of summer left to complete the outstanding things. Heh...we'll see.

+ Cook one new meal every week. Check! H2B and I have been making alternating new meals every Wednesday night as a little date night we've been doing. I have made things like couscous and curry chicken. We've also been drinking lots of new wines with these meals.
+ Do a Friday happy hour that starts at the office at 4PM and lasts until 3AM (and involves making the taxi driver do a McDonald's run on the way home). ...Not exactly. I did go out for drinkypoos with coworkers. I DO have my bachelorette coming up which should take care of this quite nicely.
+ Go swimming many many times. I went "splashing" many times...I hate cold water. I have made lots of beachy trips, though.
+ Go camping at least twice. One down, one planned for next weekend!
+ See the tall ships and buskers.
+ Have our invitations in the mail by July 5.
+ Have our honeymoon booked by July 15.
Those last two didn't happen on time. Not even close. Our invitations were in the mail by August 10. Whatever. Our flights were booked on August 8, and as of right now, we're still homeless in Paris for a week in October. I'm not phased.
+ Refresh my iPod. Take off the songs I skip every time. That means you, Chris Brown!
+ Start actually USING my camera. Take new pictures every weekend.

+ Make a piece of jewelry that isn't so hideous I'll actually wear it. I tried this last night...making an oversize black satiny flower necklace. YEAHNO...I need to avoid crafts that make use of needles and thread.
+ Make a piece of art for the house. Not yet...plans are in the works!
+ Get my tailoring done. Busted sundress and ripped pants and hemming aplenty. Haven't even thought of this yet.
+ Have a get-together. Hasn't happened.
+ Hunt for beach glass. Build a sand castle. Beach glass yes, sand castle no, but I buried H2B in the sand and gave him sand titties. That sort of counts...?
+ Take a road trip.
+ Write out my story plot before I forget it.
+ Donate old clothes.
+ Throw away old magazines. I do not need Cosmos and Glamours from 2004 but I act like they're precious literature.
+ Pay off my library fines so I can use the library again shame-free. BAD
+ Go to the "lady doctor" and the dentist. Prolonging these till September/October.
+ Order new glasses.
+ See fireflies (I'm convinced they are mythical, but I also thought pirates didn't exist)
+ Go thrifting and actually find something worth buying!

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  1. Oooh, fireflies are awesome! I saw my first one this summer and was amazed.

    I like the way you think---this list is pretty awesome!

  2. Next time I'm driving at night I'll stop and take a picture of some fireflies for you :-)

    They're super awesome when there are hundreds in an open field!

  3. Thanks ladies!! Still no fireflies :)

  4. Happy hour from 4pm- 3am will be happening Sept. 11th!! Mark your calendar!

    I definately think a Peter sand titty making counts as a sand castle.

    I'll go thrifting with you, I have a list of things I would like to search for!!

  5. you're awesome!!!! check out all the stuff you crossed off!!

    personally, I think turning H2b into a sandcastle should definitely cross that one off.

    and let us know when you've got that DIY art for your place!! Sounds exciting! I love DIY projects but I'm not very good at coming up with them on my own... :)