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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's been a craptacular week thus far. Weatherwise, we seem to be entering a rainy season of biblical proportions. Coworkers are crabby and stressed. I've had a headache for two straight days (thanks, mother earth, for that nice "barometric pressure" feature you installed...bitch). My 28th birthday is looming in the not-so-distant future and I'm looking forward to that like a pap smear. I've been doing the gray-hair check almost every day (all clear so far!) but can't shake the feeling that my eggs are drying up faster than a goldfish that jumps out of his bowl and falls behind the stereo cabinet* and that support stockings, an old-age pension and daily three-hour jaunts to Tim Horton's are just around the corner.

In a desperate attempt to shake the woe-is-me blues, here's a list of things that are making me smile today**.

1. Honeymoon Daydreaming
H2B and I are getting wedding details out of the way before we book the big H-moon. We were thinking Greece, which I casually mentioned at work, and some coworkers introduced me to the idea of visiting Croatia instead. Essentially the same scenery, culture, activities and feel for a fraction of the price. I Googled Croatia since I had no idea where it was or even that it WAS a country and kind of thought it was located in South America and am kind of in love now...

2. Short Weeks
I love short weeks. This is a four-day work week, which I keep forgetting, and soon it's going to be like, BAM!! Weekend's here! Big props to Good Friday.

3. "Shootin' some b-ball outside after school"
Just like the Fresh Prince, that will soon be me. When I'm in No Funswick this weekend for Easter I'm going to help myself to a basketball from Mom and Dad's garage and after work I am gonna be kicking it old-school in the park. So excited to have another way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine this spring (after the Great Flood, that is).

4. OMG Spencer
A new season of The Hills has begun and there's drama aplenty. Spencer Pratt has been acting like a prime douchebag and I'm sure there'll be more issues to come. Will Lauren and Heidi become friends again? Will Audrina's ceiling eyes finally roll all the way back into her head? Will The Hills editors get better with the sequence editing so Brody's hair doesn't go from short to long to short again within one half-hour episode? Stay tuned.

*This happened more than once when I was little. I had a goldfish whose bowl was on top of my parents' enormous, heavy wooden stereo cabinet, and he was suicidal. Every few days he'd jump out of the bowl and ALWAYS end up in the crack between the wall and the back of the cabinet. If we noticed right away, we'd drag the cabinet out and save his life. One day, it was a few minutes before we realized he'd escaped. Result=one very wizzled and dry fish.

**You might not be able to see my smile but that's because it's hiding behind a mask of Advil and PMS. Trust me, I'm smiling on the inside.

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  1. Matt and I have been talking about Croatia!!!! We started discussing a euro trip with places like paris and italy... but they're so expensive right now. Croatia is a little less so, and as shown by your picture-- gorgeous!!

    AND, surprise, I had a suicidal fish as well. We had him in our kitchen so you would here a little tiny splash of water, which meant he had jumped, and you'd have to run to the kitchen and find where he was flopping around... maybe he didn't like the water in NC? Who knows!

    Hope your craptastic week is getting better!!!!

  2. I watch the hills.. I hate spencer what an ass! I cant believe he said "so i flirted with a bar tender its not the end of the world" i would of love to hit him after he said that! But yea simple things like tv shows and days off of work def cheer me up too!