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Friday, April 17, 2009

Nestled in between a few innocent emails from friends and family I spotted the E-MAIL SUBJECT LINE OF IMPENDING DOOM. "6 Months To Go!"

No matter how you look at it, six months is a horrible amount of time. Looking at October 17 as a looming deadline, the whole-grain Mini-Wheat planner side of me says "six months is going to fly by. October 17 is not that far away". The fun, frosted Mini-Wheat Amy says, "Burning in hell for six months feels like a pretty effing long time and the next half year of my life is going to kill me."

Let's get some perspective on this situation:

Ceremony location-confirmed/booked
Reception location-confirmed/booked
Music for ceremony-needs to be done
DJ for reception-needs to be done
My dress-hanging in my closet
Bridesmaids' dresses-en route from J Crew
Tuxes-not ordered
Flowers-no clue
Food-not chosen
Guest list-draft is done; not final
Invitations-have started working on designs
Rings-still don't know if we'll buy new bands or have our existing bands engraved
Engagement photos-not done
Engagement announcement-not done
Colour scheme-picked
Centrepieces and decorations-idea list is growing

Thanks, TheKnot.com, for throwing me into a flap and effing up my TGIF mojo.

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  1. haha oh I totally understand!! You can do it though, and don't worry!! 6 months is plenty of time-- but it'll soar by and then you'll be happy and close to your day :)

  2. I'm so in the same boat! Pretty much all we have is the venue and the guys' clothes. Ack!

  3. I love how you compared yourself to a Mini-Wheat.

    I almost want to take a bite now. :)

    Kidding. Kidding.

    Well, just make snap decisions. only way to get 'er done is to decide on colours, then match invites to colours, and finalize the guest list the next night.

  4. Still looking for flowers? I went with The Flower Shop and thought they were reasonably priced and turned out beautifully!