A pitiful cry for help

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I can't get my layout to look quite right. I keep frigging with my layout modification options, but I still can't settle on a custom template for my blog that I like. I've also tried downloading templates from online but the xml codes always seem to be wrong, and I don't want to spend an arm and a leg prettying this shiz up. I also don't want to abandon ship and vamoose to WordPress...not a very Christian thing to do. If you have any good, free sites with nice Blogger templates available for download that do not contain the Jonas Brothers or song lyrics or Hello Kitty, and code that actually works, please pass them along either in a comment or via email. It'll be easier on the eyes for all of us. Thanks in advance!

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  1. try http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/

  2. oh no! I hate when the blog layout doesn't feel right.

    Did wonders for me. You have to host the pictures yourself... I downloaded the template, added all the pictures in the template to photobucket, then relinked them in the template file. Worked great, and there are some really cute ones there!!!

    Worst comes to worst, I know http://jessicaelizabethr.blogspot.com/ does cute, custom blog templates for like $20 or something...

    hope you figure it out! good luck!!!

  3. I just fell in love with my 40,979.354 layout! lol It's takes time to be totally satisfied with how it looks.

    Check out my blog!

  4. The blopg pages on Infomonkey.net don't use templates. You can customize everything yourself including headers, text size and colours, photo size and placement.

  5. sometime some template need a little workaround in order to be working, some only can be "upload" using IE(moxzila and opera return errors..).
    Remember to read their help file/readme.