Blast from the Past: 80s toys edition

Monday, April 13, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I had the freakiest blast from the past ever. It came to me out of absolutely nowhere--I remembered this show I used to watch (or at least thought I watched) in the 80s that I haven't thought about in years.

"Do you remember a TV show from when we were kids where this girl's dad lived in a glowing box next to her bed, and she could talk to him through the box, and he was, like, an alien?" I asked H2B. He stared at me blankly and then proceeded to tell me about Sir Mix-a-Lot's video for Put 'Em On the Glass, which apparently was his and his brother's favourite.

I forgot about my mystery show until a couple days ago when I discovered I did some hunting around and realized I wasn't hallucinating--the show was called Out Of This World and it aired from 1987-1991.

The Out Of This World television show was about a young girl with unique special powers. She could stop time by placing her two index fingers together. She also has an alien father which no one gets to ever see. She talks to him for advice at the start and end of every episode outside a window in her room, he appears as some kinda rubix cube and you can only hear his

I'm happy to realize I'm not crazy after all.

So then I got digging around the RetroJunk site to make myself feel even more old and decrepit.

Behold...Dream Glow Barbie. I had her!

I basically crapped my pants when I got a Pogo Ball for Christmas one year.

I think my parents still have my Lite Brite

I wanted Castle Greyskull sooo bad but "it's for boys," my parents said. Boo-urns.

So I had to make do with Lady LovelyLocks instead.

Scarily, this feels like five or six years ago, instead of twenty-plus. I'm so old.

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  1. LITE BRITE and POGO BALL. OH MY LORD. the memories are just a-floodin' back! amazing!

  2. I had a Light Brite and a Lady Lovely Locks...although I distictly remember cutting all of her hair off...

  3. I loved out of this world. I wonder what the girl is up to now.

  4. i loooooved my pogo ball-i think it's still in my parents' garage. the girl from OOTW was on seventh heaven for a few seasons...she played Matt's GF, i believe?

  5. Totally watched Out of This World! I think her name was Evie! ha ha. Never got a pogo ball but I was super jealous of my friend's!!!

  6. YES! Evie Garland!
    Good memory...