Seven deadly sins, day five: GREED

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Friday! I'm not sure why I'm struggling with this post so much. Come ON. There need to be seven worldly material things I'd love to have! But this is the fourth time I've sad down to write this post over the past two days and I'm still drawing a complete blank.

OK...focus. Seven material things I'd love to have:

1. A summer home on the beach. The beach has always been my favourite place and being able to walk out my front door steps away from the ocean for a few months of the year would be amazing. Plus, there's the whole atmosphere of being at the cottage. Things like showing up barefoot at your neighbour's for a visit or drinking beer at 8:00AM on a Wednesday just seem way more acceptable at the beach.

2. A pair of Louboutins. I just really like the pretty red soles. I would probably never wear them outside of my closet, but I'm sure I'd smile every time I saw that peep of red.

3. An Omega watch. Hubby has one that's just like James Bond's watch and it looks like it can shoot grappelling hooks and lazer beams. If I had one, I'd probably just point it at people I didn't like all day and make "pyoom pyoom pyoom" noises - that's the sound a lazer makes, if you were wondering.

4. A new pair of cross-country skis and boots. I feel like I could enjoy winter if there were a sport I could get into that doesn't involve tumbling down a mountain. Unfortunately skis and gear aren't cheap!

5. A "big" iPod. I have a Shuffle, which is perfect for running and going to the gym because it's so small, and I have custody of Pete's Nano, but it's an older version and for some reason I can't update the songs on it from my laptop anymore, meaning it's stuck on an endless loop circa "Buy You A Drank" and "Party Like a Rockstar". I would like a real-deal iPod that I can put all my CDs on and throw out the discs, one that I can plug in in the car and actually see what song is coming up next and create playlists and such. I'm not sure why I have an iPod on this list like it's some kind of big unattainable goal. See? Coming up with seven things was hard?

6. A boat. I would love to be able to toot around on my little boat all summer blasting "I'm On A Boat" over and over and over.

7. A horse. Because when I'm not boating, skiing, or drinking at the cottage, it would be nice to be able to go horseback riding. Of course I would also need all the fixin's (saddles, bridles, etc.) and a place to keep him.

If you feel like following along with this meme, here's the list of 'sins' and what to post for each:

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