NOvember Is Here

Monday, November 01, 2010

So it's NOvember again (that was not a typo, friends. Stay with me) and it's time to batten down the hatches and get shit in order up in this ma. The fun and frivolity of Halloween is over. The leaves have mostly fallen. The clocks are going back an hour this weekend. It's bone-chilling cold outside. Poop's about to get real.

NOvember means...

-NO purchasing clothes for myself for the entire month *cries*
-NO junk food binges, random handfuls of chocolate chips just because, dipping my finger into the butter dish and then the sugar canister. I'm an animal.
-NO skipping a day of blogging (NaBloPoMo! yay!)
-NO skipping a day of working out (NaWoOuMo! yay!)

The reason I'm going all Jillian Michaels on fun stuff is because November is just such a bleak, gross month, it's easy to fall into bad habits to get through it, at least in my experience. It's dark and cold and yucky out, so you buy three new dresses and eat a Deep and Delicious cake for breakfast to cope. It happens. This year, I'm trying to keep myself in check. Save some money. Make room in my closet. Feel healthy and energetic, not akin to 10 pounds of shit in a five-pound bag come the Christmas holidays.

By focusing on good stuff, like eating well, exercising, sticking to a budget and to some simple goals, I'm hoping November will be a more pleasant month and not the absolute Tyrannosaurus Rex of horrid it's been in the past.

I have lots of things to look forward to (upcoming bachelorette party and wedding to attend, getting ready for the holidays, dog shopping) and lots of things that are going to cost a lot of money (uhhh, bachelorette party and wedding, getting ready for the holidays, dog shopping, plus car insurance for the year, yada yada) so saving money wherever I can is going to be pretty important.

NaBloPoMo will help keep me occupied when I can't be doing other things - like shopping for clothes or eating my face off.

Annnnnd not buying any new clothes means there will be room in my closet and drawers for all the piles of new stuff I will undoubtedly be getting for Christmas for being such a good girl during NOvember!


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  1. I'm trying NaBloPoMo again this year too.
    Just not that NaWoOuMo thing. That one can be yours!

  2. this is why you canadians need to move thanksgiving to november! spread those holidays out a little bit!

  3. Ginger - Good luck with NaBloPoMo! Can't wait to hear what's been going on with you and the new job :)

    Val - agree 100% - I'm dying for a holiday and christmas is so far :(

  4. Yes. YES! I'm with you. Only I forgot about NaBloPoMo until today, so it might be more like AlmoNaBloPoMo.

  5. Wow - that's a lot of good life changing stuff going on this month! Good luck!