Introducing Rory!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This was the best weekend ever for many reasons. There was a Christmas parade, holiday lattes, a delicious Italian dinner out, 4-wheeling, and snow. Best of all? We added a new puppy to our little family. Meet Rory:

Rory is a 12-week-old Sheltie. His likes include grass, chicken-flavoured treats, his blanket and cuddling. His dislikes include snow, loud noises and walking up stairs.

We just got him home a few hours ago. He was so good in the car - he sat in the backseat on his blanket all by himself and didn't make a peep for a couple hours. Right now he's in his "house" (AKA carrier dungeon) which we're trying to get him used to, and fond of, so it's more of a cozy bed and less of a prison during times of abandonment.

We love our little boy already. He's really affectionate and cuddly and loves running around in the yard. He's not totally sure which toys are his yet, but he's starting to like his stuffed duck.

I don't know how I'm going to do anything except play with him and look at his sweet face ever again. Productivity is grinding to zero. We have wanted a dog for years so we're in a bit of a *squeeeeeee!!* puppy haze tonight. Brace yourselves for many Rory updates!

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  1. Oh wow! CONGRATS TO THE NEW PARENTS!!!! Getting a puppy that young is a TRIP! Ours was 11 weeks when we got her and it's SO neat to watch them grow. TAKE A TON OF PICTURES!! Rory will be full-grown in a blink of an eye, it's nuts! One day ours was 11lbs, and the next she was 62! So sad =(

    Enjoy him. Love him. Cuddle him and let him kiss your face!!! (Joe didn't let Lucy kiss his face, and now she doesn't kiss peoples faces, it makes me so sad).


  2. Thanks guys! Rory gives kisses already, he's pretty affectionate :)

  3. AWE!! He is soo cute! Congrats! Puppies are the best.

  4. Is it bad to say I'm jealous? Ahhhh we want a dog so bad. One day! Rory is SO lots of pictures, who doesn't like cute dog pictures?! yay!

  5. Ooooohhh! So cute! Rory is such an awesome name as well.

    I can't wait to read all about him as he grows up. Congratulations!

  6. There will be lots of pictures and puppy-talk to come!