Not Ready

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I hate not being prepared, not feeling ready for things. I am the kind of person who prefers to drive to the client meeting alone in order to have that solo time in the car to get my thoughts together. I currently have a list of my outfits planned out for the next 28 days. Spontaneity does not come easily to this girl. I find that I can adapt quickly and go with the flow easily enough if I don't think about it or I have no choice. In a work setting, for example, I can switch from project to project midstream with very little trouble, but in my personal life it's a different story. If I don't know what's for dinner by mid-morning that day, I'm completely out of sorts. Weekends are scheduled two weeks in advance. I guess it's my way of controlling the aspects of my life I CAN control (i.e., not work or mandatory stuff like doctor's appointments).

Not being ready throws me completely off kilter, and right now there are a few things I don't feel remotely prepared for.

[+] Snow and winter weather, complete with the wearing of winter coats, hats, scarves, and mitts
[+] Christmas stuff - Christmas commercials, Christmas cups in Starbucks, Christmas displays in stores
[+] Babies
[+] My parents getting old
[+] Putting away the patio furniture, fire pit and BBQ
[+] Turning 30 in less than six months. Feeling unaccomplished and fail-y.

Is there anything you're dreading or just not prepared for?

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  1. motherhood. I have no idea when it'll happen, or if I'll ever really be ready. I feel like I will never ever be ready for it!

  2. Supposedly you're never *completely* ready for it but I don't feel anywhere near being remotely close!