An extra hour

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Well, apparently someone was reading my post a few days ago about three selfish wishes, particularly my third wish for more hours in the day. Lo and behold, when I woke up this morning at 9:30, it was actually 8:30 - bonus hour, shit yes!

Here are some ideas for how to spend that extra hour today aside from the obvious two (sleeping in and hooking up):

1. Play a board game.
2. Watch an episode of Mad Men or Jersey Shore or Dawson's Creek or whatever floats your boat.
3. Make your Christmas card address Excel spreadsheet (someone else does this, I know it. Please confess so I don't feel like a solo Captain Anal.)
4. Do yoga.
5. Bake cookies.
6. Call your mom.
7. Create a new signature cocktail. It's Sunday afternoon, after all - perfect time to booze it up!
8. Write a letter. On paper, with a pen. One that requires an envelope and a stamp.
9. Make a big pot of chili or soup to divvy up into lunch-size amounts and eat all week long.
10. Clean out your closet and donate the stuff you no longer wear.

I'm going to spend my bonus hour in a nice warm bath, with a new magazine, a face mask, and a hair mask...pure relaxation and the best way to end what's been a lovely weekend.

How are you spending your extra hour?

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  1. I did my Christmas card excel spreadsheet earlier this week, heck yeah!

  2. It was such a pleasant surprise to wake up to that extra hour this weekend! I spent it watching an episode of Spooks :)

  3. #3 - I just started mine this weekend. =)

  4. I went to bed an hour earlier. God, I'm such a rockstar.

    I don't have an Excel spreadsheet for cards (I have a paper address book because apparently I live in the 1950's), but I do keep what I got people in a Word document to try and avoid repetition.

  5. OK, good. If making documents to keep my Christmas bizness organized makes me an anal geek, there are other anal geeks out there. Yay for safety in numbers!