Friday, November 12, 2010

You guys, NaBloPoMo is HARRRRD this year. There is just so much non-bloggy stuff going on and it feels like every night it's 11:00 and I'm all "fiiiiiiiiiiiinally, time for bed. Honk-choo" and then realize I haven't done my daily blog post and have to haul ass back to the basement where my laptop lives and hammer something out. Yesterday's post was deep and introspective. Today, you get bullet points. It's the yin and the yang.

Things I'm currently loving:

-Jeggings. How did I live without them? They are sooo comfy and they look like real, semi-professional pants. I even wore them to work today, with boots and a long sweater, and no one was the wiser!
-Going to the gym at 7PM (Gossip Girl reruns are on from 7-8, which means I can run for a whole hour without crying).
-Taylor Swift's new album! I bought it today - I went to the music store and bought a CD, not even the iTunes version. It felt very retro.
-Cinnamon buns fresh baked by my hubby, which I'm nomming on now while watching some episodes of The Office in my interpretation of a very solid Friday night.

Things all in all are pretty good. There are some cool projects starting up at work, Christmas is coming, my cousin's wedding is tomorrow, and the puppy hunt continues. No complaining here. Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. So Jeggings? Try TREGGINGS :)

    Trouser Leggings. Quite nice. :P

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? How have I not heard of this newfangled stretchy pant?

    I need to know more!!

  3. i have also not heard of Treggings!! Where do I find some?!

    I also love Taylor Swifts new album. I am definitely going to her next tour.

  4. You are the only other person I know who actually thinks jeggings are awesome! :)

  5. hklover86 - it's been going nonstop in my car since i picked it up :)

    Emily Jane - I'm wearing my jeggings RIGHT NOW! :D