And how is your summer going?

Monday, August 09, 2010

Summer has been more jam-packed than a movie theatre on the opening night of Eclipse so far. The overarching theme for me has been the new house, which has absolutely taken over every bit of free time, cash, and brain activity in my possession. Getting the house set up has been exhausting but really rewarding, but it also means there's been minimal time for other fun activities, like sleeping and eating meals and going to the bathroom.

Remember that time I promised I was going to just go with the flow and not cry or stomp or have fits or otherwise stress about the house? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. That was kind of like my Lent promise of giving up sugary things. It lasted about half an hour. There have been a couple meltdowns since the move, but now I'm floating along semi-peacefully in a cloud of stress eating and Ativan...killer combo.

Other than adventures in homemaking, I've had a chance to do a bunch of fun stuff this summer, including:

-attended my sister's wedding
-went to a bachelorette party
-visited a navy boat
-ate my body weight in fried clams in one sitting
-went to the beach a few times
-went to the cottage and ended up at my parents' house completely FUBAR, much to their amusement
-played softball
-saw the Black Eyed Peas for free, and a little Weezer
-played tennis
-had some quality pool time
-ate barbecue and ice cream and why does summer have to be so FAT?!

There are still a lot of things I need to do within the next 43 days*:

-go to Maine/Boston for our little roadtrip
-see the Red Sox play
-visit Bath & Body Works and get some new smelly things
-go camping
-have a few more solid beach days, with sunburns and magazines and throwing of footballs
-see the buskers
-finish the bloody house and have our housewarming party
-make sangria
-have corn on the cob and watermelon
-make a sand castle
-go to a water park

*43 days...yep, there are 43 official days left of summer, so people who are saying summer is over need to take a peep at their calendars ASAP. There is still plenty of summer time left, and plenty of time to get all my summer to-dos done. Fall will be here before we know it, and we can all get back to our previously scheduled routines of Gossip Girl and wearing tights and bitching about the cold soon enough. I, for one, and going to be soaking up every little molecule of summer as long as it wants to stick around.

So how's YOUR summer going?

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  1. It sounds like you are having quite the summer and still have a glorious lot to accomplish before September's later weeks roll around. My summer feels like half a summer because we were busy with wedding planning and honeymoon planning, and now he's on a work trip and we're scrimping the last of a down payment for a home together. BUT we're newly weds so that is like our own personal summer. Ever wish you could put your social engagements on hold and just have some guilt-free "us" or "me" time?

  2. We were wedding planning last summer so I can relate. So many nice sunny evenings spent gluing the godforsaken invitations together :)

  3. My summer has been hot and FAT. I'm currently 8 months prego, so whatever wonderful and whimsical summer-themed items that WOULD have been on my summer to-do list have been duly ignored.

    I'm so jealous of how quickly and diligently you've worked at putting your house together. We've lived in our house just over a year (in July), and still haven't painted a single wall ... it's driving me crazy!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer - I bet you will. Just keep the wine on hand! :-)

  4. Ooh - there is still a lot of summer left. Awesome, now I just need to take advantage of it! I have you and your tons of accomplishments to inspire me!