I should be glad this is my worst problem today

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

There are bigger, more important things for me to worry about today.

Like the fact that our kitchen still sits, unpainted, with all the light switch and power outlet covers off and I have about as much ambition to start that task as I do to become a licensed astronaut.

Or that I have copy for a client website due Friday and all I have written so far is, "About us".

Or there's the fact that I have to register my new credit card, set up a new bank account, get an oil change, and I'm about five years overdue on my lady doctor visit.

Am I worrying about any of that? Naaaaaaaaaahh... I'm sitting here stressing about what I'm going to have for dinner tonight. It's my turn to do Wine Wednesday, it's mid-afternoon and I still don't have a list of ingredients. *panic!*

Here's a little lowdown on WW. Hubby and I started it about a year ago when we realized we never ever eat dinner together. We'd come home from work at different times, root around the kitchen, and throw together whatever looked good and fast (I usually went for pre-bagged salads with handfuls of cheese; Peter's more of a three-hamburger-patties-on-the-George-Foreman-with-peanut-butter boy). Then we'd tear off in opposite directions and spend the evenings doing our own thing.

We decided it would be nice, once a week, to slow down, relax, make a nice meal (always a surprise for the other person!) and enjoy it at a bit more leisurely pace with a few bottles a glass of wine. We don't eat in front of the TV, we don't eat with our computers on our laps; we sometimes listen to music and light a couple candles. It's a really nice little mid-week date to look forward to. We take turns making the meal each week and have discovered some amazing recipes in the process as well as developed quite the taste for vino.

Anyway, we've been off schedule the past few weeks thanks to moving and wedding chaos, but this week it's my turn to make the WW meal and quite frankly I still don't know what to make and it's driving me nuts. I have MarthaStewart.com's recipe page minimized on my work computer and I keep clicking over in between doing worky tasks to shuffle through recipes in hopes that I'll find something that looks good.

Right now I'm debating between the following...

-chicken & peach quesadillas
-steak with baked sweet potatoes & green beans
-lemon pepper fish with rice & spinach

All sound pretty good, right? So WHYYYYY is it so hard to choose a dinner for two adults who aren't picky eaters. No food allergies...no fussy kids...Peter will eat whatever I put in front of him and act like it's awesome.

This is why I could never host a dinner party.

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  1. Haha! I'm hosting a dinner party tonight (the night before I leave for two weeks and still haven't packed for) and I am letting the boy take care of everything; I'm far too indecisive!! Yours all sound delicious :)

  2. I don't know why it's so hard to just pick one of three freakin' meals!! I'll need to write them on scraps of paper and pull one out of a cup or something :D Enjoy your party!

  3. I love your idea of date-night Wednesday! That sounds so fun and romantic.

    I hate HATE choosing what to make for dinner. It's so much pressure. But if I were coming over I'd want the steak, please!

  4. Oh my gosh I go through this every single week since I do 99% of the cooking. I had to start a "Fend For Yourself" night two times a week because I couldn't handle the pressure of a meal every night.

    anyway...I vote steak!

  5. Why is it the smallest things that can completely bring out the indecision? It happens to me all the time over little stuff. So what did you settle on?

  6. Thanks guys, I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with such trivial stuff :) We ended up having lemon pepper tilapia and green beans with almonds and they were delicious and very easy. I can share recipes if anybody's interested! It looked like an elaborate meal but took about 15 minutes!

  7. we're not fish eaters but that sounds REALLY good!!! What's the recipe???