Monday, August 16, 2010

(Note: There may or may not be Inception spoilers in this post. I'm not sure because I slept through a bunch of the movie. I don't think I'm giving away any crazy details but just in case, you've been warned!)

Le Hub and I went to see Inception on the weekend. Let me preface that statement by saying that everyone and their moms has been telling me for weeks how awesome Inception is and how everyone needs to see it. I was told it was mind boggling, earth shattering, and will make you question your reality. In fact, one acquaintance who shall remain anonymous told me it was so good he and his ladyfriend saw it twice in two days. "But you won't like it," he added confidently.

O RLY? I thought indignantly. Yeah, I'm sure I'm the only person on Planet Earth who won't like the BEST! MOVIE! EVER! I'm completely down with being mind boggled. So, not knowing any backstory whatsoever on the movie, I went in feeling fully confident I was going to leave the theatre a changed gal.

The verdict? I didn't like the movie. I can't believe the anonymous acquaintance was right. I actually fell asleep about 2/3 of the way through only to be awoken by a flash of blinding light in the form of the idiots in front of us TAKING PICTURES OF ONE ANOTHER DURING THE MOVIE. I started off intrigued, faded to moderately intrigued, then "meh", then sleeping, then angry.

I liked the cast, I like the director, I even liked the idea behind the movie. I can get behind it all. But really? You're going to go three levels deep into someone's subconscious to plant an idea and you need a team of geniuses including a CHEMIST to do it? Here's an "idea" for you. Go up to the guy and say, "Hey, I was thinking, you should think about splitting up your dad's empire." Idea planted. The movie could have been over in less than 20 seconds.

Or, I could be a right-brained, overly analytical, unimaginative fool who just doesn't appreciate good movies.

Have you seen Inception? Do you think it's worthy of all the hype? Discuss!

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  1. LOL, touché!

    I did see Inception, and because I'm a geek for any psychological thriller (with the exception of the Lathe of Heaven, which was a BRILLIANT book and you DON'T MAKE MOVIES out of brilliant books and then CHANGE THE ENDING), I did love it. It was a bit too long - too much time outside Ironforge, could've done with a bit less of the snow scenes, but overall, I thought it was great. And the ending was perfect :)

    It was also the first movie I'd gone OUT to see since Avatar, because cinemas are always invaded by trolls like the ones taking pictures. I think I need to invest in some sort of neon signage I can just flash at offending turds in cinemas. Or planes :)

  2. I felt exactly the same way. Overhyped and overrated. Why didn't Michael Caine just bring the kids to France for a visit?

  3. @Emily Jane-Don't even get me started on the snow scenes!! Ahhhhh!! Sooo much snow and everyone in identical snowsuits? Would it have killed them to have different outfits? :)


  4. Well, I didn't think that I would liked it (but had agreement with my husband that I would go if he saw Eat, Pray, Love with me). I was actually pleasantly surprised!

    I mean, yes, it could have been shorter and, yes, the kids probably should have hopped on a plane to France... but it was thought provoking and entertaining.

    I was also happy because we went to a noon show with relatively few trolls (and no in-theater photography)

  5. Hope that person didn't consider himself a friend of yours or I bet he'd be real hurt about being referred to as an "anonymous acquaintance."

    Probably didn't, though, so I wouldn't worry about it.

  6. You're only the 2nd person I've heard mention not liking it but for vastly different reasons. Yours are actually more believable.

    The other person was just being dumb and arguing for the sake of arguing. Or at least it seemed that way to me as I was watching the argument.

    The long, drawn-out aspect was one of the reasons I think I liked the movie. Hollywood rushes through movies so often, trying to get you out in 90 minutes or less. It's nice to have a movie develop.

    WHY would someone take pictures of each other at the theater?

  7. I really liked inception, but mostly for reasons that are outside the movie watching experience. Lately hollywood has been all sequels and rehashes, so I love that Chris Nolan was able to make a giant, high concept, real sci fi movie from an original script.

    I had a lot of fun watching it- but I did feel like they slowed it way down and over explained what was going on so they didn't confuse the 'mainstream' audience. Had they pulled some of the exposition and gone a little more crazy I would have been in heaven, but I do appreciate it for being intelligent and not being another "Action Movie Part 4" in a year of pretty dismal movie releases :)

  8. @Emily The lack of trolls would probably have helped! Did you like Eat Pray Love?

    @Joel I doubt that would be the case. I'm fairly confident in that assumption.

    @Clueless I'm glad I'm not THE only person who didn't like it :) As for why people were taking pictures in the movie theatre, I have absolutely no clue! Just right in the middle of the movie!

    @Kyla I do agree that movie releases this year have been lacking! I think Toy Story 3 was my favourite movie so far this year, and it's a sequel!