Shoe advice required!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Our agency Christmas party is this Friday. In lieu of the LBD, I have decided to step outside of my comfort zone of dresses slightly and opted to go the LPD route. Yep--purple! I'm in a bit of a shoe dilemma and need advice.

Please attempt to ignore the Myspace quality of these photos, the ginormous flash where my face should be, the clothes explosion that's going on on the couch next to me (I swear I am generally a tidy person...these photos were taken at 7am on a Tuesday morning as I was getting ready for work!), my absence of self tanner, and any spots on the mirror. Phew...I ask a lot, I know.

Option #1:

These are my Nine West pony-hair open-toe shoes. I hope to God the pony hair is fake!

Pros: They're cute and fun
Cons: It's WINTER in Canada. Granted there's going to be minimal outdoors action at this thing, and none of my shoe choices are particularly weather-friendly.

Option 2:

Basic black, kinda shiny, pointy-toed black heels.

Pros: They are comfy and easy to get around in.
Cons: I wear them to work a lot so they aren't designated party shoes.

Option 3:

Cobalt-blue pumps that I found at--wait for it--Wal*Mart. NOW YOU KNOW ALL MY SECRETS!

Pros: They are blue, which makes them fun and party-ish. Plus they cost 19.97 so if someone gets drunk and pukes on them I don't care about throwing them out.
Cons: Does cobalt blue go with purple? They aren't the most comfortable choice.


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  1. Open toed, hands down the best choice.

  2. Open toed pair with the dress as is... black pointy toe shiny pair if you decide to go with black tights and a black caplet with the dress- which would also be cute (and warm)! :)

  3. i was going to say cobalt blue, but then you mentioned that they weren't to comfy, so go with the nine west open toes. so cute. the pointy ones are just too pointy and shiny for that dress.
    have fun!