Festive frolics

Saturday, December 06, 2008

H2B and I put up our first Christmas tree together last night. :) That's me putting the star on top...

the final (slightly blurry) product...

This morning I decided to get crackalackin' on the wrapping.
Here is the mess I made in the process.

...and the results!

I'm not a very good wrapper. I use way too much paper and the ends get all messy. It's the thought that counts though...right?? And I don't care for gift bags, therefore, if you're getting a present from me, be prepared to deal with mediocre wrappage.

Also, last night I decided to try--for the first time, despite being 27 years old and Canadian--rum and eggnog. Not a good experience. It's probably the worst combination of life. Liquidy alcohol should not be mixed with milk products, period. It's only OK when it's something creamy, like Bailey's or kahlua. Rum, vodka, & co. are a completely different story--I almost woofed my cookies. H2B rummaged around and came up with another sickening concoction: Fireball whiskey + cream soda. "It tastes like candy!!" he proclaims, shoving the glass at me. I'm not sure what kind of candy he's been eating but it tasted kind of like hobo ass with cinnamon, or what I imagine that would taste like.

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  1. Yeah, eggnog in general is pretty scary if you ask me. It is just too thick.

  2. I drink the skim kind which is a lot better--diluting it with milk helps too. Drinking regular eggnog is way too heavy.