I got tagged!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Elizabeth tagged me on her "25 quirky things about you" meme. I hope I can think of 25!

1. Until this year I hated sushi. Abhorred it. In the Dominican (not the most Japanese of cultures, I'm not gonna lie) in April I had too many cervesas and tried it again on a whim and guess what? It's now one of my top three foods and I eat it at least once a week. Weird how tastes change.

2. I almost lost an eye when I was 6. My cousins and I were playing tag at a family reunion on the same lawn where my dad and my retarded relatives had been playing horseshoes earlier and not put the posts away. This is already looking like a Play Safe commercial, huh? I got tagged, fell, and landed face-side down on one of the poles. It ended up conking my cheekbone and not my eye, but an inch north and I'd be a Cyclops today.

3. I'm frightened of clowns, and I take it back to when I was getting my pre-kindergarten booster needles at the doctor's office. I was scared out of my trees and spent the entire time waiting staring at a nasty-ass clown poster that was leering down at me. Bad associations!

4. I know the lyrics to pretty much every song to come on the radio--not sure if this is good or bad!

5. I will always be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan even acknowledging how terrible they are.

6. I can't fall asleep facing away from the bedroom door or with the closet doors open.

7. I don't like using my Blackberry or Outlook calendars. I have to write appointments down in an old-school planner book or else I forget what I have to do or delete everything accidentally.

8. I'm obsessed with decorating blogs and magazines and I think if I ever were to open a store, I'd buy an old house, renovate it, and decorate all the rooms appropriately with cool things for sale that I picked up here and there.

9. I love to take pictures and paint and draw, but I'm crappy at all three.

10. I don't like lobster and I don't understand how it can possibly be a delicacy.

11. I never ever have Kleenex in my house. I can't seem to remember to buy it unless H2B or I have a cold (which is almost never) so we end up sniffling into toilet paper most times.

12. I like the smell of skunks...like I wouldn't BATHE in it but I like smelling them.

13. I rarely get sick...my biggest problem is migraines. I don't get colds or flus often, knock on wood, and I've never had a flu shot.

14. I'm not 100% sure what my take-home pay is after taxes and such. I know what my gross salary is for the year and that's about it.

15. I have been in a hot air balloon.

16. I have never been to Europe.

17. I feel fat about 80% of the time even though realistically I know that's not the case.

18. My fingernails have ridges in them that I'm sure is some sort of vitamin deficiency but I don't want to get it checked.

19. I don't speak to most of my aunts and uncles on my mother's side of the family. The drama makes it not worth it.

20. I check my hair for grays several times a week. None yet! *again, knock on wood*

21. I haven't eaten a hot dog since I was about 8.

22. On my 27th birthday I spent my lunch hour crying in my car and stealing candy out of the bins at Bulk Barn.

23. I don't buy anything for myself unless it's on sale.

24. I wish the Christmas season lasted forever! When I was little, I'd watch taped Christmas shows on the VCR on my summer vacation.

25. I already have my baby names picked out. I'm not going to share them because I don't want any baby name thievery. :)

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  1. Your list is awesome! I have my baby names picked out, too, and I have to write things on my calendar also. Or I will forget everything!