Reasons why H2B is the perfect man and I win.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1. He gets up super early to scrape my car windows and brush the snow off every morning.

2. He hates Starbucks but he'll run over to the one around the corner and get me a coffee while I'm getting ready for work AFTER he's finished scraping my car.

3. He watches Gossip Girl with me every week and doesn't complain. In fact, he bought me season 1.

4. He brings me US Weeklies and Crossword scratch tickets randomly so I can have my little celebrity gossip/lottery fix.

5. He has memorized my clothing sizes, favourite shade of O.P.I., and preferred Bath & Body Works lines.

6. He never forgets an anniversary or a birthday and remembers my family's birthdays too.

7. He writes me lovey-dovey and dirty emails at equal frequencies and sends me dumb YouTube links to make me laugh during the day.

8. He hates talking on the phone as much as I do.

9. He tells me I look pretty even when I look like ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag.

10. He always brings me a glass of water before I go to sleep.

I love him very, very much for the little things as much as the bigger things he does. I think I've kind of lucked out. I'm definitely going to miss H2B over the holidays, even though we're only going to be apart for a few days, and I'm excited to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with him next year, when he's no longer H2B but just H.

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  1. That Starbucks, scraping and memorization of your favourite things is.. so incredibly sweet

    What a keeper!!

    Thanks for favouriting me *heart* Will add you to my reader once it works

  2. He does sound pretty perfect! Maybe he should call my husband with some tips! jk Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh how positively adorable! TB does some of that stuff but he'd never bring me Starbucks or gossip magazines!(He hates both.) Lucky girl!