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Thursday, December 04, 2008

1. Britney Spears needs to have another mental breakdown again, ASAP. Crazy Britney who shaves her head and drops her babies and marries her high school lab partners is so much more fun than Britney who has her shit together. Crazy > Shit Together. Every time!

2. Lately I have been paying way too much attention to people's teeth. In some cases, it's OK...some people have lovely teeth. Some people should not part their lips. It's making me really self-conscious about my own teeth, though...in fact, right now, I want to go brush and floss. I think I'm going to invest in a teeth whitening kit of some sort. FASCINATING, I KNOW...Moving on!

3. This weekend is going to be extremely holiday-centric. Saturday includes Christmas shopping, card mailing, tree buying and decorating, Elf-watching, and Christmas party numero uno of the season. Sunday is Christmas baking day plus probably a little wrapping thrown into the mix. This working Monday-Friday is really interfering with my opportunities for Christmas cheer.

4. I had Tim Horton's coffee this morning and it's rotting me from the inside out. It is horrible, horrible stuff and I don't know how people drink it on the regular.

5. My DVR does not like the Hills and always stops recording at a key crucial moment in the episode. Therefore, I don't know how Lauren and Audrina's conversation ended up going on Monday. Even sadder is the fact that it's not really killing me...in fact, I barely care. Could this mean I no longer love the Hills? That makes me a little sad, I'm not going to lie.

6. Back to the Christmas baking thing, I need to decide what to make this weekend. Right now I'm thinking the following:

-Peanut butter balls
-Rum balls
-Gingerbread cookies
-Either sugar cookies or shortbreads
-Annnd probably some kind of nutbread/sweet bread

I'm trying to make things that freeze well and could make good gifts or gift supplements. Any suggestions on other options? I have a marble cake mix but that doesn't really scream "Christmasy". I might try baking with Splenda so that stuff isn't quite as deadly nutritionally. Last time I baked with NutraSweet and it was DISGUSTING!! Apparently, baking with Splenda is OK. If you have any good Christmasy baking suggestions that would be good for freezing and sharing, please let me know. :)

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  1. Start paying attention to eyebrows instead of teeth, that is a sure fire way to get paranoid.

  2. a humble request...(for anyone not allowing this post through--not spam--)

    Anyone happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: secretdubai.blogspot.com) is?


  3. I'm a freak about eyebrows too. Sooo many bad eyebrows out there!