Friday, November 21, 2014

Guys, I have some questions for you.

(I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to ask me any questions you like, and I'll answer them here on the blog next week!)

Anyway, riddle me this...

1. Should I be watching The Wire?
2. What's your favourite pizza topping?
3. What's a good Christmas gift for parents in their 50s?
4. What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Friday!

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  1. If you had to live anywhere else in Canada where would you live?

    - - -

    Wire? Not sure, haven't seen it.
    Favourite pizza topping - diced tomatoes added after it's out of the oven
    Christmas gift - I'm getting my mom a sweater, contributing to a tattoo for my dad (he wants his first one!) and getting them both a Keurig. Other ideas are things they can do together - couples massage, dinner gift certificates (to a local fancy place), a mini-vacation (hotel in a nearby city), etc.
    This weekend - working on wedding DIY projects, locked in my house since after 4 feet of snow in 4 days, we're expecting freezing rain!

  2. Question for you? Hm... How did you get on your excercise/health regimen, ultimately? How do you fit it into your day? I think I remember reading a while ago that you just decided to start running. Haha, seems a bit daunting to me, mostly because I hate running. haha.

    Wire? Buh?

    Pizza - Cheese and Pepperoni, and Peppers.

    Christmas gift - I try to get them little art things... jewelry, books. It's hard!

    This weekend - Uncertain. I was supposed to go visit friends but the highways were closed today. And apparently the weather isn't going to be much more amazing.

  3. 1. You should be watching The Mindy Project.
    2. Hot peppers and pineapple with hot sauce AND donair sauce.
    3. A puzzle or board game, a bottle of wine and some nice chocolates. Would they dig a date night inspired gift?
    4. This weekend, hopefully making my husbands 32nd birthday a memorable one.

    So my question for you is... How do I make my husbands 32nd birthday a memorable one!? Our home is not party ready, can't exactly cook a nice meal for him... Running out of ideas fast!