Monday, November 10, 2014

Eli Alexander, today you are three. If I had to use three words to describe you, they would be curious, funny, and smart. You ask a million questions each day, love nothing more than to make people laugh, and shock us constantly with how much you know and are able to articulate.

This fall, you've had a growth spurt and the pants that had to be rolled up twice in September now just fit you. You love to play outside, help bake cookies, and play with trucks. Your favourite dinosaur is triceratops, favourite colour is blue, and favourite song is Shake It Off. You're a finicky eater but you'll never turn down English muffins, grapes, or Greek yogurt.

Every night you want to read before bed - lately you're all about Richard Scarry's word book - and you've learned to ask before you pat the dogs we see on our walks. You're kind and tender hearted and show compassion for everyone. You're a stickler for manners. You're stubborn and handsome. You still take a nap every afternoon, thank God.

We asked you what you wanted for your birthday and your only wish was a birthday cake.

We love you more and more every day.

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  1. Amy, this is a beautiful post. What a sweet little boy you have! Eli is so lucky to have you documenting his growth and all the cute little changes you see in him from year to year, and what a wonderful keepsake for you and his Dad! <3

    1. Thank you Rachel! It's so odd to see pictures of him from year to year and how much he's changed. You don't really notice the little changes when you see him every day but over time it's unreal!

  2. Happy birthday, little dude! :) So wonderful to see how much he's grown. Fabulous pictures! I hope the party was great.

    1. We did have fun! Kept it nice and low key :)