Monday, November 17, 2014

Making: my Christmas list
Cooking: lots of warm, comforting recipes like this quinoa chili and tortellini in tomato cream sauce
Drinking: coffee, red wine, eggnog tea
Reading: I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe
Wanting: to have my Christmas shopping finished
Looking: for online deals so I can be DONE SHOPPING. 
Playing: pretend dinosaurs with Eli (he's always the triceratops; today I got to be a brontosaurus) 
Wasting: a lot less produce thanks to these Food Huggers! 
Wishing: it would stop raining, specifically when it's time to walk to the bus stop. 
Enjoying: flannel sheets on the bed.
Waiting: until it's appropriate to start watching Christmas movies. Any time now, right?
Liking: Body Shop's Shea hand cream for my chilly mitts.
Wondering: how it's already November 17!? 
Loving: getting home from work and changing into leggings and thick socks ASAP.
Hoping: I can get our Christmas cards designed and printed this week. Fingers crossed. 
Marveling: that this weekend Eli's big boy bed will be here. Wasn't he just a little slug swaddled on the couch? 
Needing: 10 hours of sleep. 
Smelling: Bath & Body Works Vanilla Snowflake candle. 
Wearing: rubber boots since it won't.stop.raining.
Noticing: that some people put their Christmas decorations way too early. 
Knowing: that everything will be OK. 
Thinking: that in the meantime, it's still OK to panic a little. 
Feeling: tired, overwhelmed, excited for the holidays, ready to get shit done. COLD. 
Bookmarking: Serial, gift guides, slow cooker recipes, party dresses
Opening: new Real Simple and Glamour magazines
Giggling: at How I Met Your Mother - yes, we're 9 years late to the party

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  1. I already watched Love Actually and Family Stone. I needed it! haha Love your Christmas list and want so much from Roots!

    1. Roots has so much good stuff this year!
      I have never seen Family Stone but it's on my list.