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November to-do list

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I call this one "How To Be Basic 101" 

This year it feels like the switch from fall and Halloween to winter and "Christmastime" has happened really abruptly. On Saturday morning, November 1, we went to get groceries and and the Christmas decorations were out - I'm talking trees, wreaths, the works. Daylight savings happened Saturday night, and since then the weather has been c-c-c-cold, winter coat cold. My first Starbucks red cup was obtained yesterday. Is time on fast forward?

November used to be my least favourite month of the year; now it's one of my favourites, with Eli's birthday, some solid crunchy leaf walks, the return of the slow cooker, and the beginnings of Christmas preparation. It's time to start thinking about booking our holiday theatre date and what to wear to the office party. November is not a month to slouch: there's a lot on the calendar.

November 1: eye appointment; Rory's grooming appointment
November 6: dinner out
November 8: play date for Eli
November 9: Eli's family birthday party
November 10: Eli's third birthday! Also a vacation day for me. (So excited for this.)
November 15: Christmas parade in the city
November 16: basketball game
November 17: follow up eye appointment

In addition to all the calendar stuff, plus work, plus gym, plus caring for a fairly small human being and a dog, there are plenty of other things to do this month. NEVER A DULL MOMENT, hooo no.

+ take a Christmas card photo and get them to the printer
+ make dentist appointments for Eli and myself
+ bake cupcakes and a cake for Eli's birthday
+ make a BIG dent in my Christmas shopping. Ideally I'd like to be done this month, but that may be wishful thinking.
+ get a haircut
+ book remaining vacation days for 2014
+ decorate Eli's big boy room. Furniture has been ordered. Goodbye, toddler bed and glider rocker. Get ready for more emo posts on this topic. :*(

What I want to be doing? 

+ watching Home Alone
+ drinking coffee and Baileys
+ baking and eating Nutella brownies (two ingredients, c'mon)

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  1. I can't believe it's already November - and I can't believe how busy this month is shaping up to be! Topher and Ellie share a room so I haven't gotten rid of the rocking chair yet. We never use it anymore, but still. There's only so much this mama's heart can take!

    1. I'm so sad about moving the chair out! We rarely use it but sometimes Eli still likes to have a little rock. His "big boy furniture" is pretty cute but I'm going to miss his baby room.

  2. Yay! I can't believe that he's almost 3. Such a little man. :)

    Something inside me is filled with glee upon seeing those red cups. I've gotten 2 peppermint mochas in two days... I should probably tone it down. I've got sad yuppy written all over me, don't I? haha

    1. Coffee just tastes better out of the red cups! I got a regular blend this morning but asked them to add some gingerbread syrup to make it a little more festive. Haven't had a peppermint mocha yet this year, but they're my fav :)

  3. You said it! Hit the nail on the head actually. We were in Halifax on Halloween weekend and while running around Friday night for some last minute costume accessories the store workers were frantically setting up Christmas displays.. On Halloween night... Talk about fast. October flew by and November is just as busy with no hope for slowing down. We have very little time for the things I wish to be doing, instead, you said it - preparing for the Holidays, staff parties, OB's grooming appointment etc etc etc... (Do you watch Mindy?)
    Looking on the bright side, it makes for some really nice downtime when we finally get it.