Running. It's still a thing that happens occasionally

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I haven't posted much about running since the Blue Nose and the IT band debacle that followed it, but just because I'm not talking about it doesn't mean I'm not doing it. Ish. The weather has been awful for running - hot and humid. Yesterday was 98% humidity, but today it's "only" 92%. Heat's fine, but humidity kills me. It doesn't matter how much you hydrate or how slow you take it, there's nothing you can do to make running more bearable when it feels like you're moving under a wet blanket. Being moist (God, I hate that word) 24/7 and drenched in sweat before you've even finished your warm up walk does not a happy runner make.

Last night I slogged through three and a half miles in the evening. There was a little bit of breeze to blow the liquid air around so that was a plus. Last week I managed three short-ish runs of three to five miles, plus a couple cross training workouts at the gym. I have been averaging three runs a week. I'd like to be doing four or five a week, including at least one long run, but OH, THE HUMIDITY.

Things are looking up, though!

[+] I found a track four kilometres from our house that looks relatively unsketchy. (I've only lived here for two years and am just figuring this out now, sup neighbourhood watch). I'm looking forward to doing some track workouts. It may be post-Olympic spirit, high school reminiscing or what but I'm actually really excited to add running laps into the routine.

[+] My IT band feels so much better. I'm figuring out the most comfortable stride length for me, foam rolling like a mofo and stretching properly. Combined with the shorter distances lately things are feeling pretty good in IT band land.

[+] I have found some new short routes through my neighbourhood that involve minimal traffic (yay!) and maximum hillage (boo) (but actually yay, because hills feel a million times easier and less scary now). After getting into a little altercation with a witch lady driver one night over her and then having some kids drive by and call me "gay" when I was running the following evening, sticking to quiet subdivision streets was a lot more appealing than the main drag. Of course whoever designed our subdivision built it in what appears to be a series of mountain peaks but it's great practice.

[+] I'm thinking about which race to sign up for next. Something short and speedy? Or a longer distance? Decisions, decisions. Based on how things have been going lately, it seems like spring is a better time for a long run and fall is better suited for a shorter one. Training for a half or longer right now sounds akin to torture, even more so than normal.

[+] Kanye West songs are 69 cents on itunes this week so go complete your Kanye discography right meow.

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  1. I really really hate people who yell at me while I'm running. WHAT IS THAT SHIT? Honestly. Glad to hear you're still rocking out.

    1. If you yell and honk at people when they're running, you should expect to get a hunk of asphalt through your windshield. I really hope these assclowns can read lips because I have come up with some doozy comebacks in the heat of the moment.