Currently: Summer Lovin' Edition

Monday, August 27, 2012

Right now I have at least 10 legitimate, real-paragraphs-not-bullet-pointed posts in draft form right now, but I don't have the presence of mind to finish any of them. Instead, here's a list of things I'm loving, doing, eating, drinking, et cetera.

Reading: I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society yesterday. I somehow missed the memo that the novel is comprised entirely of letters, so at first I was like, "aww, dang". But then I got into it a little more. It was good, not BEST BOOK EVER good, but worth reading.

Watching: Big Brother and Revenge. BB is crazy this season. I hated the double eviction last week. I'm super late to the Revenge train, but just started watching episodes online and I'm hooked! It's like Gossip Girl except a little older, a little darker, with a better budget and prettier houses. Looove.

Eating: It's corn on the cob season and I could absolutely eat corn every day. Also, cucumber sandwiches and my newest creation: scrambled eggs with Laughing Cow wedges melted into them. Seafood, barbecues...anything summery.

Drinking: McDonald's $1 Diet Cokes and iced coffees. I don't know how long this promotion lasts, but I'll be sad when it's over.

Planning: Eli's first birthday party in November. I want it to be a fairly small gathering of friends and family, and there will be cupcakes, but that's all I've got so far. Thinking about his birthday too much makes me shrieky. We have someone coming from Home Depot tomorrow to give us a quote on refacing our kitchen cupboards, so I guess we're planning some renovations too, if they don't cost a brazilian dollars.

Creating: Uhh, still working on the superhero cross-stitch, for the rest of my life. I have been pinning fall and Christmas crafts like a mofo, but it's way too early for that noise - it's still summer for 26 more days. I do have a nice little collection of wine bottles stashed away and will be making some vases soon, so stay tuned for the results.

Listening to: I just made a new running playlist for August but it really has no theme. It's about 80% Kanye West and it also has Taylor Swift's new single, which is pretty catchy.

Loving: The weather now that it's not quite as humid and sticky, but still nice and warm. Beach days. Mint green nails. My new shoes:

Just got these guys today! I had the same ones in grade 7.

Looking forward to: Another long weekend, Fall Fair, a new niece or nephew at the end of September, more time at the beach, a few little day trips with the boys over the next month, football.

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  1. where are you watching Revenge online? I desperately need to catch up

    1. I go to and search for free links. It takes a little bit of time to find a working link but they're all there. Season 1 is out now on DVD if you have $40 extra lying around!

    2. I dont have the $40 lying around, I shall check out Sidereel, thanks!

  2. Wow! Love this post. What a great way to keep your readers in the know! I'll do something similar sometime!
    Big Brother was INTENSE last night. Me and G haven't missed an epi this season, we're so into it it's almost sad... Frank is freakin' on the ball.

    1. This season of BB is so good!! Frank and Dan are out of control.