Week in review

Friday, July 20, 2012

[+] Eli is super mobile now. He's getting to be really speedy at crawling, especially when he's heading for something he's not supposed to have. He's like a magnet when it comes to the dog's toys, the laptop cord, the water cooler, anything electronic, you name it, so sadly, baby gates are on the must-buy list for this weekend. Also, when I pick him up, his little front has dog fur stuck all over it no matter how much I Swiffer, so I feel like a dirtball. He just gets this wild look in his eyes and heads for the closest thing that he shouldn't be touching. You know how in interviews they ask celebrity moms how they stay fit, and the broad always gives some stupid response like "It's just from chasing after my kid", and you want to shake her and shout WHATEVER DJ TANNER? Maybe she's not lying after all. In the time it took me to write this paragraph I have had to run after Eli three times.

[+] Big Brother is good this season. Lots of drama already and it's only been a week. Staying up for Thursday's episode is a challenge because it doesn't end until 11:00 and that is waaaay past my bedtime. Anything in the double digits is pushing it for me. But can we talk about the use of "y'all" for a second? I get that it's a thing people say but last night Willie said "y'all" FIVE TIMES in one sentence. Is this normal? Wee bit excessive?

[+] I read The Marriage Plot last week and now I'm reading Then Came You. Anyone else read The Marriage Plot? Thoughts? I only liked one of the characters so that made it a little hard to get into.

[+] I went on a wild goose chase yesterday to get Tory Burch flats at a consignment store in town for $40. I missed them by 10 minutes :( But I've also been spending money like a Kardashian lately so I need to get that in check.

[+] Speaking of spending money, but only a little bit, Second Cup has Italian sodas for $1 until July 29. I had the lime the other day and it was like drinking a 7Up only way fancier and prettier. #treatyoself

[+] I haven't really talked about running since the Blue Nose. It's still a thing that happens. Last night I did 10K for the first time since running the half. My IT band feels a lot better as long as I keep foam rolling, doing stretches for my quads, and watching my stride. I'm all done at physiotherapy and now I'm just starting to work up to longer runs again. The weather has been hot which makes anything longer than four or five miles a challenge for me, but last night was perfect for running.

[+] Plans for this weekend include Friday night pizza party, going to the gym, babyproofing, Tall Ships festival and figuring out what to do with the container of raspberries in the fridge.

Happy Friday!

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  1. We have this one (came already installed in our house) and it's on sale right now: http://www.toysrus.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=3822454

    and a wooden one:

    Both work very well. The second is obviously more attractive. Even at almost two, Jacob can't get through either of them.

    1. We need at least one of the regular-size doorway ones...probably two. Plus an extra wide one for the big doorway between the living room and dining room, unless we improvise and use the couch to block the doorway, which I think will look awkward and bad. This is why doorways without doors are just bad news :)