mamamonday: things to remember

Monday, July 09, 2012

There are so many things about Eli right now that I don't want to ever forget. He'll be eight months old tomorrow and it's such a fun age. I feel like I say that about all the ages, but really, he keeps getting more and more awesome to be around.

Here are some of the things I want to remember:

The crazy way his hair stands up like a fluffy dandelion on top.
The way he giggles, babbles, sings and coos when he's having fun.
The way he waves his arms when he gets excited, like a bird flapping his wings.
The chubbiness of his feet and legs. Oh, those thigh rolls.

His ticklishness and the cackly giggle he does when you tickle him.
The way he thrashes his arms and legs around when you throw a blanket over him and ask, "Where's Eli?" And the huge smile you get when he finally pops out.
How he dances to any and all music. He's not picky about the genre. He just likes to bop.
The way he's just as amused with a napkin or a plastic water bottle as he is with the fanciest toys.
The way he rips apart his alphabet mat every single day.
The way he freaks out in the bathtub every evening, as if each bath is the BEST. TIME. EVER.
How he giggles at the dog whenever we come downstairs and pulls on his ears whenever he can get ahold of them.

Eli turns eight months old tomorrow. I'm happy I've been able to spend the past eight months with this little guy and am looking forward to our summer together.

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  1. SO sweet, Amy! I can't believe these photos ... did you take them yourself? Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I did take the photos but the camera really does all the work!

  2. Awesome pics - Eli has the greatest facial expressions :) Topher loves to dance too - he seems to rock out harder to more slow, quiet music, like hymns at church. As long as he's quiet, I let him dance as hard as he wants :)

    1. Thank you! He is definitely very expressive! I love seeing little kids dance :)

  3. Awwww....cute, cute, CUTE! Both your kid and your sweet post are cute.