2012 Goal Check-in

Friday, July 06, 2012

2012 is halfway gone. As the French say, "Qu'est-ce que fuck?" How did THAT happen?

Back in January, I made a list of monthly goals for the year. The halfway point seems like a good time to check in and see how I'm doing.

January - Start using my slow cooker more. SUCCESS!
Leave it to me to succeed at a goal that involves eating. Throughout the winter, we enjoyed at least one slow-cooker meal a week and I found some good new recipes. Thank you Pinterest and this blog for the delicious meal inspirations!

February - Try a new exercise class or a new workout video at home. SUCCESS-ish...
In February I started training for the half marathon, so I was running four times a week and I didn't really try any new workouts. However, sometime in the first half of this year I downloaded and started using the Nike Training Club app which I have sung the praises of on here many times already. But seriously, I can't believe this app is free. You should get it. So this goal was a success, just maybe not within the month of February.

March - Do a super duper spring cleaning. SUCCESS but it took a brazilian years.
I started in March with one of those "one chore a day to a deep cleaned home" lists. The trouble with those lists is that by the time you get halfway through, the first things you did need to be done again. But I did it and finished up in April sometime. I think the only thing I forgot to do was polish the wood. And really, who cares about polishing wood? What is this, Victorian-era England? Should I just shine the silver and boil the bedding as well?

April - Take a mom and baby class with Eli. FAIL
Sorry Eli.

May - Run the Bluenose 10K. SUCCESS!
I ended up doing the half marathon so it was a success-PLUS. So that makes up for being a shit parent in April and neglecting my baby's social development.

June - Take a trip to somewhere new. FAIL.
We went to the Bel-Air for fried clams instead of Fred's. I don't think that counts.

This is how I vowed to punish myself over the rest of 2012.

July - Wear a two-piece to the beach
Ughhhh is all I have to say about this.

August - Buy groceries at the farmer's markets and from local producers
Another food-related one, so I'll probably win.

September - Complete a home renovation project
Sooo many ideas for this!

October - Get a makeover
This one sound fun. New clothes and a new haircut? How is this even a goal?

November - Plan Eli's first birthday party
I'm already stalking Pinterest for ideas as I cry into my keyboard about my little boo turning one.

December - Volunteer
Looking forward to this as well. The best part of doing good deeds around Christmastime is you can reward yourself with Bailey's and eggnog.

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  1. Ahh don't worry about mom and baby classes! Soon it'll be time to start swimming lessons and everything else! Savour the down time! Eli gets Mom & Baby time all day long :)

    1. Exactly! We'll be busy, busy, busy soon enough!