Giving thanks

Friday, October 07, 2011

I have so much to be thankful for this year.

Our home, which is comfortable, cozy, big enough for our little family and to hold all our friends.

Our marriage - almost two years in and we love each other more and more every day.

Our dog, who even when he's being a nuisance makes me laugh no fewer than 20 times a day.

Our baby, who, at 35 weeks, continues to cook in mama's belly and by all signs is healthy, active, and strong.

Our friends. They just get more and more awesome.

Our families, who prove time and time again they would do anything for us.

Our health, the people who work to keep us healthy, and the services that make sure we stay that way.

Programs that make it possible for me to spend up to a year at home with our baby. As much as I bitch about the government and as much as they may do wrong, we do enjoy some pretty solid perks in Canada. 

And the froufy things too: riding boots, Pinterest, pumpkin-flavoured anything, cocoa butter, library books, sunny afternoons on the deck, Angry Birds, magazine subscriptions, Netflix, board games, online shopping, fireplaces (including electric ones), chocolate milk, naps, leggings, drawers full of teeny tiny baby clothes, and a bottle of my verrrrry favourite, very expensive pinot noir sitting in our wine rack that has been aging since March (!!!) that I'll be able to enjoy next month.

(In small quantities of get my drift.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I love thanksgiving! How lucky are we in Canada to get Thanksgiving a whole month and a half before the Americans, and that it doesn't come in the same time period as Christmas shopping here. topic, but are there programs I don't know about other than EI's mat/parental leave 55% and whatever one's employer offers? Because I'm having a tough time being mentally prepared for halving my income for 35 weeks and we've gone into financial crunch mode to prepare.

  2. I like that Thanksgiving comes early here too - kind of spaces out the turkey feasts!

    Mat leave/parental leave combined is up to 52 weeks in Nova Scotia (I think mat leave is 17 + parental leave is 35) - plus I'm getting sickness benefits from now till whenever I have the baby because the doctor put me off work early, so I'll get more than a year. I know that 55% is the base amount for EI but I think mat leave may be higher, like 60-65%? I just filled out my claim info online and am waiting to hear what I'm eligible for. It'll be a bit tighter financially but we should be OK.

  3. I love PEANUTS, excellent picture choice! I forgot Canada celebrates thanksgiving the month before us. Do you do the same big giant turkey dinner we do? A Canadian friend of mine had sushi hahaha

    Glad your little one is still growing away!!!