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Fridays are for point form.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm having trouble lately forming coherent thoughts and full sentences, let alone articulating them, which means you get a good old fashioned bulleted list today!

Zombie pumpkin! (and $8 mystery squash. WTF! For that price its seeds should have been solid gold)
Vampire pumpkin!
  • We carved pumpkins on Wednesday evening and are roasting the seeds for snacky goodness this weekend. Hubby says I "cheated" because I used props and didn't actually hollow out my pumpkins. Well, if that counts as cheating, just call me Tiger Woods.
  • We are 38 weeks pregnant now. There are currently 13 days until my due date. Keep calm and carry on... I'll take a new belly pic over the weekend unless this baby actually succeeds in ripping its way through my belly button, which I'm pretty sure is what s/he's been working on the past week or two. 
  • I'm taking a photography class tonight so I can learn how to use my new camera properly. Very excited to get to play around with my new toy on something other than the auto settings!
  • I bought a few Christmas presents this morning. Just a couple little things, but it makes me feel like I've made some progress! I've also made two Christmas ornaments while watching 90210. (These are the things that start happening when you have to stop working a month and a half early. You watch 90210, make Christmas ornaments and organize your nail polishes by brand, colour, and finish. It happens)
  • We installed a rearview baby mirror and window shades in my car this morning. It's officially looking like a creepy mom-mobile. I refuse to get a 'baby on board' decal. 
  • We've been watching season 1 of The Walking Dead on Netflix (season 2 just started on AMC) and it's a great show. I'm not usually big on zombies, vampires and the undead in general...I like my TV characters alive and thriving for the most part. But this show is fantastic. And so so gory. Peter won't even eat chicken wings when we watch it, that's how grotesque it is. And he can eat through anything.
  • Rory has been such a good dog lately. He's never "bad", he just has a lot of puppy energy, but he's morphed overnight into a very calm and well behaved dog. I don't know if he's maturing, if he senses something weird's about to happen with the baby coming, or what but it's been great.
  • We were really hoping to have another movie date before the bambino arrives and cramps our style but the movies that are out right now look pretty craptacular and I don't want to spend $40 on tickets and snacks to see some mediocre and unentertaining shit. If anyone has seen anything good over the past week or so, please let me know, so these wild and crazy kids can have a date night at the movies.

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  1. Our dog was the same way the week or so before Jules was born. She's mellowed out SO much since then. Dogs can smell a change in your body, and that there's another being growing away in there. He's going to be a great big brother!