22 things I *have* done

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last week's Writer's Workshop prompt was to list 22 things I've never done. This week we're patting ourselves on the back with 22 things we have accomplished. Here goes!

1.Won a colouring contest when I was five - by cheating. My dad coloured in the entire sky and half the grass because my hand was "sore from too much colouring". Not sure how they couldn't tell a five-year-old hadn't finished the picture, but guess who won a giant pink stuffed rabbit? 
2. Been on the national news (Canada Day in Charlottetown several years ago. I was in a crowd but you could definitely see me. I may have been drunk and I may have done the shocker)
3. Ridden in a hot air balloon in grade 9.
4. Had a concussion in grade 3 - a gym class gymnastics mishap.
5. Was a bridesmaid (x3) 2008 and 2010.
6. Quit a job (x2)
7. Been laid off - it's the shits!
8. Shoplifted - a long, long time ago.
9. Dyed my hair red accidentally. Cried for days. Haven't touched it since.
10. Fallen down in front of a large group of people...my middle school in fact, while getting off the bus one slippery winter day. Nothing like falling in front of 400 kids at 8:00 am to get your day off to a fantastic start and ensure you have no friends for at least two weeks.
11. Went tidal bore rafting.
12. Hiked in the Grand Canyon last year.
13. Fainted in public - a few times, actually. It's happened at school, at the waterfowl park and at a client meeting.
14. Fallen asleep at work. I was deadly hungover. And this was a few years ago. Obviously I'm much more polished and professional now. Obviously.
15. Given people a fake phone number. Sometimes creeps won't take no for an answer.
16. Been stung by a jellyfish. Not fun!
17. Worked at McDonald's - Grade 10-12.
18. Pretended to like something to impress a boy, i.e. the San Jose Sharks in grade 9...whaaaat?! 
19. Was a member of student council throughout high school.
20. Was a victim of credit card fraud - this just happened a couple weeks ago.
21. Was in a car accident and wrote off my car. I wasn't at fault though. Bitch, please.
22. Was waved at by the Queen as a small child. I don't remember it but apparently it was quite the big deal.

Thanks to Mama Kat for the weekly Writer's Workshop prompts!

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  1. BITCH, PLEASE!!! I snorted when I read this. Hopefully it wasn't too painful to write the car off.

  2. Nope, it wasn't too bad! I wasn't really hurt at all, just freaked out and mad. I got t-boned by someone trying to turn left. And I'd been thinking of new car shopping anyway so the insurance $ I got didn't hurt :)

  3. I've done 10. and 13. And possibly 14. but lets keep that on the downlow...

    10 was in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL while I was being auctioned, and I was standing on a table, so I fell from the table to the ground. Oh, and did I mention I was wearing a dress, so pretty much flashed everyone going down too?
    Good news was I then was re-auctioned and earned the most money out of everyone? Yay to sympathy! ;)

  4. I won a colouring contest by cheating when I was 5 too! High five! I've also fainted in public - at the dentist, after a root canal. It was my first visit to a new dentist - you better believe they take good care of me now, lol.

  5. Red - that sounds awful!
    Holly - glad I'm not the only kid who cheated at colouring contests :)

  6. What a great list! I love the Queen waving at you - did anyone catch it on camera?

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  7. Meg - yep, there are pictures :)