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Spring fever

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring is here...ish. It says spring on the calendar. It's raining today, not snowing. The temperature's above zero. I guess that qualifies as spring.

Every time the seasons change I get excited to overhaul everything. Throw everything out and start fresh. Break bad habits, make good ones. Buy a new wardrobe. Start doing everything differently, all at once.

I have a few specific goals for spring:

1. Garden
We moved into our house in July last year and in between the painting, unpacking, decorating, and whatnot we didn't pay any attention to what's already planted in our flower beds. This year we have the chance to plant new stuff and get them looking the way we want. I'm so excited to have space to grow things...flowers and things to eat! My plans are to plant a lilac bush, hydrangeas, and some other flowers I don't know the names of yet; to yank out the old wooden fencing around the flowerbeds and replace it with some nicer edging; to grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and green beans.

2. Clean
I already talked a little bit about my spring cleaning plans. I can't wait to open all the windows wide, put on some tunes and work away, ending with a house that smells lemony fresh and has a lot less clutter in it. I always feel better after throwing away things I don't need anymore. Old clothes, old magazines, old bills, old salad dressings, you name it.

3. Decorate
We've started doing little things around the house to make it look springier. We have a new centrepiece in the dining room to replace the old, heavy candlesticks with red berries that screamed winter. We've got new bright green placemats to brighten up the room a bit and a vase of yellow daffodils in the kitchen. Next up: my home office. I want to make it a place that's comfortable and girly but also conducive to actually working since I'll be spending a lot more time there over the next few months. Right now when I work from home I usually end up sprawled on the couch or hunched over the kitchen table - bad!

4. Shop!
I haven't bought any new clothes, shoes, or accessories since Boxing Week sales, which is pretty much a record for me. I haven't had any trouble finding things to wear every day but at the same time I'm kind of tired of the same boots, tights, and dark, neutral colours every day. I'm excited to get some new things to freshen up my wardrobe pretty soon. Here are some of the things I'll be keeping an eye open for - namely some girlie tops, nude heels, perfect flats, a cross-body bag, skinny cargos and easy-to-wear dresses:

There are other goals I have for spring - keep getting to the gym, do not make myself sick on Easter candy, train Rory to do a new trick, etc. - but these are the biggies.

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