Mondays are for point form.

Monday, April 18, 2011

[+] You know those Mondays where you feel OK about it being Monday? You get out of bed at a decent hour, feeling rested. You get some things done before work - maybe a workout or some tidying up. You already feel accomplished by the time you arrive at the office, and you're actually looking forward to the week ahead? That's me today.

[+] I'm no longer dreading my birthday at the end of the month. Peter and I are heading to NYC April 29-May 2. We'll get in on Friday evening and leave late Monday morning. I'm EXCITED! Plans include: The Lion King, MoMA, Central Park (I have only ever been there in February so it'll be nice to go and not freeze), inevitable shopping, eating awesome things...any recommendations for things to do and places to go are more than welcome. Best of all, we fly out Friday afternoon meaning we still get to watch the royal wedding in the morning and eat cake, hollaaaaaaaaaa.

[+] The weekend was fantastic. Movies were watched, brunch was eaten, cupcakes were enjoyed, new books were purchased and naps were had. Plus we went to a museum and saw a T. Rex skeleton. I'm sorry, but no matter what you did this weekend, seeing a dinosaur is hard to beat.

[+] I've been doing a 10K training plan and really liking it. I can run 10K now no problem but wanted to do this plan because it combines things like distance runs, speed/tempo runs, cross-training and strength training. I'm almost done but will probably just keep repeating it ad nauseum because I like having different workouts scheduled, so when I go to the gym I don't have to hem and haw about what I'm going to be doing - I have a plan and can stick to it.

[+] Lent ends this Saturday. I have a big bottle of pinot noir just waiting to be cracked and a fresh bag of Starbucks coffee in the cupboard. Also, my don't-buy-any-new-clothes ban ends in May...buuuut I might end it early. Like, a day early. We'll be in New York, after all. If I see something amazing on April 30 I'm not going to pass it up just because of my ridiculous self-imposed rules. Anyway, I estimate I saved a lot of money in the past four months not buying any new clothes, and look, I'm still alive and thriving without new shirts and pants. Truth? I'm pretty sick of the colour black and would kill for a nice new pair of embellished flats.

[+] I found the best mascara on the recommendation of Brandy on the weekend...L'Oreal Voluminous Millions Lashes. If you're looking for a good mascara, run, don't walk, to Shopper's and get this little beaut. It's a shiny gold tube and I think it cost $12.95 and is the best mascara I've tried.

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