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So long, 20s.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today is the last day of my 20s. I'm surprised to say I'm OK with it. I freaked out at the beginning of the month and now I just don't care. Part of it is I've been so distracted with all the other things that are going on - our trip to New York tomorrow, moving offices today, craziness at work, Easter visits with family, I haven't had time to dwell on the fact that tomorrow I'll be thrust kicking and screaming into the land of old hags.

Will this be the year I stop thinking farts are hilarious? Will I stop ordering the kid's pack at the movies? Will I not want to play Sonic the Hedgehog and Animal Crossing anymore? WILL I delete Miley Cyrus from my iTunes? WILL I FINALLY STOP SHOPPING AT GARAGE?


Some highlights of being 29 include:

[+] I started a new job - a very fun new job that has given me lots of opportunities to learn a ton of new things and get to know some terrific people.
[+] We bought our first home and survived moving in during a heat wave.
[+] We went to Boston, visited Fenway for the first time, and didn't kill one another during the 11 hour drive.
[+] We went to Vegas and saw the Grand Canyon.
[+] We celebrated our first Christmas in the new house.
[+] We got a dog.
[+] I had great times with the most amazing friends, both old and new.

Given all that, 29 is going to be hard to beat, but it's going to be doable. Oh, yes, it is. Big plans a' brewin'.

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