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Sunday, April 10, 2011

[+] the first barbecue of the season (and every one thereafter). Food prepared outdoors JUST TASTES BETTER. We barbecued tonight - burgers with fried mushrooms and salad with mango and avocados. Best burger I've ever tasted, hands down.

[+] mystery drinks. In an effort to pretend I'm drinking alcohol (two more weeks! two more weeks!) I started scrounging the fridge looking for random ingredients we have on hand to make faux-alcoholic bevvies. Tonic water with juice tastes kind of like a liquory drink, minus the hangover. Throw in a hunk of fruit if you want to get fancy.

[+] hanging out with Rory. Our little baby is growing up - he's almost 8 months and he's in a weird, gangly, in-between stage. He's funny and makes me laugh every single day. Now that the weather is nicer it's awesome to play fetch with him and not freeze your extremities off or have to pull snowballs off his fur.

[+] baseball games on TV. A nice little reminder that summer is coming. At this time of year I start hating hockey and loving on baseball. Get the puck off the ice, as they say.

[+] old-school arcade games on Xbox 360. We downloaded Sonic 2 the other day and I could play it all day long. The graphics are crap and the game is horrible but it takes me back to my Grade 7 days like no other! Funny how you can not play a game for 15 years and remember every detail perfectly but I have no idea what I had for lunch yesterday.

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