February Goals & Looking Forward

Monday, February 01, 2010

1. Update my iPod
2. Re-learn the bass clef staff
3. Go snowshoeing and skating
4. Bake Valentine's Day treats and send cards
5. Track my spending
6. Write a story plot outline
7. Run a minimum of 5x/week and do weights 2x/week

I love February because it's short. I like to think (fantasize like an idiot) that the worst of winter is over when February gets here.

If February were a movie it would be a chick flick with a run time of 1 hour, 28 minutes. Perfect for people with crappy attention spans, like me.

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, which also means that spring is almost here from a purely scientific perspective. If that stupid groundhog sees its shadow, I'm going to drive to Shubenacadie and snap its backbone and leave it on Mother Nature's front lawn.

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  1. It's one of my favourites and I'm not sure why. I think it's just so nice to get through January :D

  2. I'm going this Saturday--cannot wait. It's the most relaxing thing ever.

  3. I dislike Feb. here because it`s THE coldest (seriously, -50 sometimes with windchill!) of the year!! But this year there`s been lots of celebrations this month - good friends` birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine`s day and my little cat`s birthday (but shh I`m blogging about her on Friday :))

    I`ve never been snowshoeing! I tend to retreat from outdoor activities in the winter but this does sound fun. I hope to do some Valentine`s baking too - take pics of yours!

  4. I really want to go ice skating. It'll be more like falling on my ass a lot with skates on though.

  5. Emily Jane--it's been really cold here too! Snowshoeing is fun. It's really good exercise and it's calming. There's nothing to distract you in the woods :)

    Jamie--I don't usually fall buuuuuut I do a lot of staggering/flailing of arms....it would probably be better if i just fell.

  6. I love February for that reason, too. The shorter to spring the better!

    Ughhhh I really need a music update too! I'm hoping I get a good mixed CD for Valentine's Day :)