Monday, February 22, 2010

On Saturday, Peter and I went to do our second walk-through of a house we visited earlier, this time accompanied by a real estate agent who actually knows her stuff. We asked questions about the windows, the well, the septic system, the gas tank. We found out what the next step would be in terms of making an offer. When we left on Saturday morning we agreed to think about it...but in our minds, we'd already decided we'd be putting in an offer.

Nevertheless, in the interest of being responsible and giving everything adequate thought, we decided to wait until today, Monday, to make an offer. We gave ourselves the weekend to think of any cons to putting our offer forward and taking the next step.

I spent the weekend picturing our furniture in the house, thinking about how I'd arrange the contents of the kitchen cupboards, planning which pictures we'd hang where and what colour we'd repaint the spare room. We went to Home Depot on Sunday to look at appliances and paint chips. I pictured our housewarming party-barbecue on the deck and Guitar Hero in the rec room.

Today Peter called our agent to make an offer and found out another offer was already made and accepted last night.

I'm totally heartbroken. I can't speak for Peter, but I had already seen myself living in that house. I don't want to hear "I told you so's" about not getting your hopes up. It was the perfect size, layout, and location, with a big beautifully landscaped yard and within walking distance to the community centre and local schools. I could see us having breakfast in the dining room, setting up a home office, eventually decorating the nursery for a baby. It was comfortably within our price range and did not require any renovations. Of course, it stands to reason it would get snapped up quickly.

In addition to being disappointed, I'm also now telling myself that we'll never find another place as good and we're destined to live in an apartment forever and ever and ever. Plus, I have wished bodily harm to whoever made the other offer more than once today.

I don't want to hear how we waited to long to make an offer (48 hours does not seem that excessive to me) or how "everything happens for a reason and your perfect home is out there!" I'm sad and mad and this is my pity party. I officially hate house hunting.

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  1. Dude - that sucks.

    We stumbled through house-hunting not actually thinking we'd ever get to making an offer for whatever reason. It just seemed secondary to the fun of looking.

    Flash-forward to us going to a house once, circling back a few hours later, calling friends in who knew their construction shit, and ending up in the realtor's office at 11pm that night hyperventilating.

    Basically what I'm saying is that your house is going to suckerpunch you in the junk either way. Giddy up.

  2. I think it was really smart to wait and go through the pros and cons- and you should do so with the next house you find. The last thing you want to do after this experience is run out and snatch up the next house you like without thinking deeply about it first. That said, I'm so sorry this house got away from you! The same thing happened to us with an apartment that was basically a little house; someone turned in the deposit for it just hours before us. We ended up with another in the same complex that's fine, but just not the same. :(

  3. I've never had my shit together enough to buy a house, but I had a similar experience with an apartment. I may or may not still drive by with my middle finger raised at whatever a-holes stole my Dream Apartment.

    Sorry, friend :(

  4. Ben-it totally sucks! It worked out for you guys obviously because your house is adorable. The one we wanted was really similar in layout. I'm still so bummed :(

    Chris-I'm sorry about your apartment too! It sucks because it was, literally, a matter of hours. Boourns.

    Amy-I can totally see myself doing the middle-finger-drive-by. Or perhaps a Halloween egging.

  5. Keep an eye on it, house deals fall through all the time, you never know, it might end up back on the market.