My Friday night. It has come to this.

Friday, March 20, 2009

1] describe your last kiss: I kissed my hand and patted H2B with it. Minimal makeouts as of late--we're trying not to pass each other's flu germs back and forth.
2] whose car were you in last in? My little Mazda3, driving home from work and saw more cops with cars pulled over during the 10-minute drive than you can shake a stick at.
3] what was the highlight of your weekend? Eating perogies tonight with H2B and basking in the awesomeness that is eating solid food and not having it expelled from our bodies right afterward.
4] what color shirt are you wearing? Green & tan print blouse (I swear it's less gross than it sounds) and a cream cardigan.
5] how long is your hair? Shouldery length
6] who is the friend you have had the longest? Megan...since I was one!
7] who's on your mind right now? I'm desperately trying to get work OFF my mind.
8] last movie you watched? Hmmm...half of Australia.
9] last thing you ate? Perogies...luscious carby goodies.
10] last thing you drank? Water
11] where did you last sleep? My beddie.
12] do you have a significant other? Yes, I have an H2B!!
13] when was the last time you smiled? When I typed the above statement
14] what did you say last? Fack (yes, pronounced just like that. Actually more like 'faaaaack')
15] what color are your eyes? money
16] what shoes are you wearing? N/A. I'm in the house and I'm Canadian. Shoes in the house is not how we roll up here in le grand blanc nord.
17] who came over last? Hrmmm...we never have visitors. Can't say!
18] name the last three things you have bought in the past day? Deodorant...Dove soap for my face...and Subway 6" sweet onion chicken teriyaki.
19] what do you hate currently? N/A
20] what's your favorite scent? Marc Jacobs Daisy/Clinique Happy for "actual" scents. I love the smell of the beach, fresh baked bread, cut grass, suntan lotion.
21] who makes you the happiest right now? H2B is good...and I like Santa
22] does someone have a crush on you? Who knows!
23] do you have a crush on someone? I have a crush on youuu.
24] are you addicted to myspace? No...I'm addicted to my laptop in's literally burning my legs.
25] what was the first thing you said when you woke up? URRRRRGGGGGNNNNNNGGYYYYHHHHHHH
26] are you left-handed? No...did you know left-handed people usually started in the womb as a twin?
27] what are you doing this moment? Answering these effing questions, then going to put on ratty pj's and read. Cause it's Friday and there ain't no party like a Horizon Court party.
28] what are you going to be doing tomorrow? Hopefully not working. Anything else I can handle. I'll say cleaning/chores, Starbucks, reading, hopefully sleeping in, and birthday partying it up.
29] what are you wearing right now? The aforementioned shirts that sound ugly but aren't, jeans, and socks, and my jeans may or may not be tucked into my socks to make putting on my boots easier. Maybe. My e-ring and diamond studs too of course. Don't think cause I'm iced out I'mma cool off, says Puffy.
30] what were you doing at 12 last night? Sleeping...

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  1. #13 favorite.

    your comment cracked me up!! I have seriously done the same exact thing!!! too funny!

  2. I was like...d'oh...this chick is gonna think i jocked her comment for suresies :D