10 things I'm looking forward to

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1. Spring starts on Saturday. AND NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON. Our four seasons in Nova Scotia are winter, almost winter, still winter, and construction. I'm about ready for "still winter" to end and am looking forward to a little construction.

2. Easter. Last year I ate 3/4 of a pound of solid milk chocolate on Easter Sunday. I know this for a fact because I got a one-pound chocolate rabbit in the morning and only his ass and tail were left by supper time. Siiiiiiiick.

3. My run tonight. I just added some new music to my iPod and am pumped!

4. Friday night. I might have sex and babies with it...this week has been brutal. My plans for Friday night involve DVDs, a paintbrush, some canvases, and a new book. Or a pub crawl. I could get deeeerunk or chill at home...it's 50/50 right now!

5. Saturday morning. I love Saturday mornings--by far my favourite time of the week. Saturday morning means good coffee enjoyed at a leisurely normal-person pace (read: not hunched over my desk at work pounding our office's warm waste management facility runoff water into myself), the Halifax farmer's market, a fresh manicure, and window-shopping. Saturday morning often leads to Saturday lunch, aka a bento box at Sushi Nami Royale. I could deal with more Saturday mornings in my life, just sayin'.

6. Kickboxing classes for H2B and I start on April 19. Apparently, the class starts out with about 30 people and usually only 18ish make it to the end. I'm scared, but in a sick way, I'm looking forward to getting my ass kicked.

7. Wedding planning. H2B and I have a date for this weekend to plow through our to-do list and figure out our ceremony (see last post). I'm not excited so much about the task itself, but the nice *ahhhh* moment we'll enjoy once it's crossed off the list.

8. The end of phase one of a very frantic and crazy project at work is coming up next week and I'm really looking forward to life getting back to a somewhat more manageable pace at the office. I love the excitement and energy but it'll be amazing to see this project live! I'm also in the midst of a second very complicated and cumbersome project that is going to be awesome when it comes together...it's just getting there that is kind of sapping me of my will to live at the moment...but it's an award winner for sure and I can't wait for feedback!

9. New bookies...I have a bunch of new books from Christmas (!!) that I haven't had a chance to crack open yet. The Time Traveler's Wife, The Almost Moon, and Five People You Meet In Heaven are three novels I have to read. I still have the books I stole borrowed from our resort in Punta Cana to read, as well as some more referencey types. Yay for reading!

10. I just found out about a stable not far from my house. I'm going to check it out online, give them a call, and fingers crossed I'll find a new place to ride this spring and summer. I miss it so much and I think even once a week would be awesome. Let's see if I can find the free time to get this stuff done...I can't even find time to wash my car and get my effing windshield repaired.

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  1. I'm so excited that you are going to try to start riding again. I haven't riding in about six months and I really do miss it so much.

  2. Holy crap! That is the same why I described the seasons in MN! Way too funny.

    I am actually going to try to start running. Wish me luck. Any tips?

    Good luck with the wedding planning. I am in the middle of helping my future sister-in-law plans hers. Should be interesting.

    Yeah books!!

    Good luck with riding. I miss it too. It has been years.

  3. i read the five people you meet in heaven and loved it. i havent read the time travellers wife but i heard its really good and will probably read it soon.

    now as for the almost moon... i have to warn you about it. i my read the lovely bones by the same author and it is one of my favorite books ever! so i was all excited to read the almost moon. i got to about chapter 6 or 7 and had to stop reading because i was disgusted. if you love your mom even half as much as i do than you might feel the same way.

    either way i wish someone warned me about the book so im gonna try to warn you! LOL

  4. @Dutchess of Kickball I had a horse growing up and used to go almost every day so I'm excited to maybe start up again!

    @Pam I hate our seasons!! Hope the wedding planning goes ok for you too!

    @Mich thanks for the heads up about Almost Moon!! Actually I think I might read it next just b/c I'm so curious now!