Five on Friday - Five things I'm loving today

Friday, November 29, 2013

[1] Old Navy's Black Friday Sale, specifically for their Active line. This morning, I made my one and only Black Friday purchase and ordered some of their workout gear for cheap. $11.50 sports bras and $14.50 compression leggings? Be still my heart. 

[2] Clementines aplenty. 'Tis the season for these tasty little morsels. We're on our second box at home. Bring on the citrus, I say. 

[3] Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. We've had this book on our bookshelf for years but never cracked it. My only gripe is that I don't have more free time for reading, because once I start with this one, it's so hard to put down. 

[4] This quiz: What American Accent Do You Have? This was my result. "Outsiders probably mistake you for a Canadian a lot." O RLY.

[5] Love Actually. While it's not new - in fact, it's 10 years old this year - it's my favourite movie. I have plans to watch it this Saturday night, with fresh homemade cinnamon buns, and I've been looking forward to this since the last time I watched it, December 2012 Monday! Maybe the 10th anniversary is the reason a bunch of new content has popped up about Love Actually this year. I love this ranking of all the turtlenecks in the movie as well as these storylines of what's happened over the past decade.


Happy weekend! 

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  1. Clementines? Yes! And I need a copy of Love Actually like.. immediately. That and Family Stone. I love those movies both.

    1. I've never seen Family Stone, but you are the second person in a span of a day who has mentioned that movie. Sounds like I need to check it out soon!

  2. Ohhh, your Love Actually/cinnamon bun plan sounds AMAZING

  3. I did great at Old Navy too! I got a couple fleeces which are great to run in this time of year and some cropped leggings for the gym, too. Love a good deal, especially on workout gear that will make me look cute!