Pots and pans

Friday, December 28, 2012

Peter and I have never replaced the pots and pans we each bought when we moved out of our respective parents' homes, so in our kitchen you'll find a mishmash of cheap (particularly in my case) pots that are on their last legs.

I think I paid $50 for my entire set of pots back at the TURN OF THE CENTURY when I went off to college. The nonstick coating is scraped off and probably ingested, which most likely means we're going to die of nonstick-coating poisoning, no biggie. Back at the TURN OF THE CENTURY we didn't worry about things like eating nonstick coating. We just threw caution to the wind. Peter's pots are a little better than mine but they're losing their handles and definitely ready to be tossed. We have lids that don't seem to fit any particular pot and pots that don't have corresponding lids.

For Christmas we got a set of nice fancy new pots from my parents. We now have a pot for any occasion. There's a nice variety of sizes, the handles are firmly attached, and there is no non-stick coating to kill us slowly. They are the kind of pots that make you want to prepare elaborate pasta sauces and multiple types of vegetables at the same time, just because you can. They're nice and heavy and I feel like I could give an intruder a serious concussion, if not knock him/her unconscious, with a good whack from one of these bad boys.

The time has come to throw away the old pots and now I'm ridiculously feeling attached to them, as disgusting as they may be. These were the pots I used to cook my SideKicks when I was at college. The frying pan I used to cook for Peter the very first time (ahem, burnt grilled cheese...he married me anyway). Pots I cooked Eli's peas and carrots in when he was a wee tiny baby just starting to try new foods, pots that he's banged on with a wooden spoon on the kitchen floor as I get our dinner ready.

These pots have seen thousands of meals prepared, some good, some bad, some scorched, some fantastic. They've lived in kitchens in many apartments and here in our first house.

I'm going to miss those crappy old pots. But I feel so grown up having "nice" ones to take their place. We broke them in making Christmas dinner and I'm looking forward to cooking thousands more meals with my boys.

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  1. I know the feeling! Although I have some stainless steel pots here that I swear look the same as the first day I helped my mum cook with them when I was 12 years old - 25 years ago!

  2. Isn't it funny how even pots and pans can hold memories? I know what you mean, I have some oldies that I can't part with, although I don't use them anymore since buying all new.

    I'm sure Pinterest has some creative ways you can use/save old pots and pans as art!