Countdown to Christmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Christmas, I had a hard time getting into the holiday spirit and felt pretty out of it during the whole thing. I went through the motions: baked cookies, watched Christmas movies (at least until I passed out exhausted), decorated the tree. But we had a newborn, we were sleep deprived, we were figuring out how to take care of a tiny new person, and November and December were essentially a blur of trying not to drop the baby. I don't like to be a whiner - we were all together and healthy and well - but last Christmas was not my best. Everyone was all, "enjoy your first Christmas with a baby!" but when said baby spends Christmas Day eating every 40 minutes and shrieking in between? Not so enjoyable.

This year I'm really excited about the holidays. Eli is 13 months old now and more of a little boy than a baby. When night time comes, everybody goes to sleep. Things are pretty awesome.

I can't wait for Christmas morning, watching Eli bombing around the living room, opening his gifts. Or, if his birthday was any indication, ripping one piece of wrapping paper off the first gift, then toddling around the house with it clutched in his hands with complete disregard for the rest of his presents.

We plan to take him to a Christmas Eve church service that features a live nativity. Eli has seen horses up close before, but not sheep and donkeys, so he'll probably flip his lid.

I'm excited to watch Christmas specials, indulge in a little Bailey's and coffee, bake some cheesecake bars, and devour a couple turkey feasts. Board games, skating, and driving around town to look at the Christmas lights with a hot chocolate in hand are also on the agenda.

From December 22-January 2, I also plan on wearing nothing but leggings, huge sweaters and slippers with reindeer on them, no matter what the occasion. Get at me.

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