Cheap Thrills

Monday, December 10, 2012

You know those annoying people that love to spill the beans on how much they paid for everything? You say, "I like your _____", and they immediately have to chirp where they found it and how much they spent on it? I AM THOSE PEOPLE. Especially when I found something on sale.

I'm a cheapskate and nothing makes me happier than to share deals with people (whether they want to know or not), so nothing pleases me more than to share a couple of recent bargains I've discovered!

Old Navy's Active line is a big winner. The outfit above, which I wore to run yesterday, cost me $21 plus tax. WHAT?! I'm bothered by paying an arm and a leg for workout clothes that are ultimately just going to get sweaty and disgusting. I love the Compression Leggings (found 'em on sale for $15 for the full-length version, but I also have the capris and shorts, also awesome) and threw on a Performance Fleece zip-up which was on clearance for the ridiculous price of $6. The fleece was actually a little warm yesterday but will be perfect for running on chillier days and it has pockets which is another big thumbs up in my book. Old Navy's Active GoDRY tanks are my go-to for indoor workouts and they don't break the bank.

Joe Fresh nail polish is another new favourite. I usually buy Essie nail polishes, which cost anywhere from $8-12 a pop, depending on the store. Joe has a HUGE selection of colours, especially in-store - the selection they show online is pretty limited - and they're $4 each or three for $10. I'm wearing "Ruby" right now, which isn't currently featured on the site, but it's a sparkly red, perfect for the holidays. 

Those are just a few of the cheapies I've been enjoying lately. 

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  1. Ou! I especially love the Old Navy deal!

    1. I was so excited to find the Old Navy stuff. Especially the tights. You know how some cheap tights look weird and shiny when they're on? These ones don't! I have also found good workout tanks at Joe on the clearance rack, $4.94 :)

      I just hate spending a fortune on things that are going to be drenched with sweat and revolting.

  2. I just bought a couple workout tops at Old Navy too! Great stuff.

    1. I really like their Active line. Thanks to those 30% coupons that seem to show up in my inbox every day they're always on sale too.