2012 Goals - Recap

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I made a series of 12 resolutions for 2012, one for each month. The problem with setting monthly resolutions for the entire year in January is that by the time you get to, say, October, the goal you'd set for yourself may no longer seem relevant or important, and you're less likely to care about checking them off. (Or even remember you made them in the first place. Whoops.)

January - Start using my slow cooker more - Success. We made a lot of awesome stuff in the slow cooker: stews, falafel, shredded buffalo chicken. This reminds me to dust that thing off and get it out again soon. Winter feels like slow cooker season!
February - Try a new exercise class or a new workout video at home - Fail. I started training for a half-marathon around this time which took up most of my exercise time. But I did start using the Nike Training Club app sometime throughout the year for some variety.
March - Do a super duper spring cleaning - Success, but it took, like, three months. I was working off three different lists I found on Pinterest. 
April - Take a mom and baby class with Eli - Fail - we went out and we played with other babies, but not in a formal class environment. Here's the thing: I hate the thought of mom-and-baby classes. I hate the thought of being herded up with a bunch of other awkward mothers and forced to be friends with them just based on the grounds that we all reproduced. 
May - Run the Bluenose 10K - I ended up running the half-marathon instead. Success. 
June - Take a trip to somewhere new - Fail. We took a little mini vacation to New Brunswick, and a couple day trips, but we didn't go anywhere really "new". 
July - Wear a two-piece to the beach - Success. Amazingly, I found it less embarrassing to wear a two-piece AFTER giving birth than I did before. In general, I find I'm a lot more forgiving of my body now than I was before. 
August - Buy groceries at the farmer's markets and from local producers - Success-ish. We didn't get all our groceries locally but did buy a lot more things in-season and from nearby sources. We started shopping at a little market in our neighbourhood for produce, which turns out not only to be fresher but also cheaper. 
September - Complete a home renovation project - Success - crown mouldings and re-stained the front and back decks. There's still a long list of things to do. 
October - Get a makeover - Fail, I just bought a whole lot of new clothes. 
November - Plan Eli's first birthday party - Success. It was a simple little party, nothing fancy, but a great weekend to celebrate our big boy. 
December - Volunteer - Definite fail. December went by in a BLUR. There was zero time for other commitments. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to make 2013 resolutions. Make one big one or a few little ones for the year? Break them down by month again but set them at the start of each month? THIS IS THE SHIT THAT KEEPS ME AWAKE AT NIGHT. Stay tuned. 

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  1. I hate to be another one of those girls that says, "This year, I'm going to work out more and eat better"... But I am saying it anyway. I recently watched Hungry For Change, and I was SICK thinking about all the crap foods I eat. That movie was a huge wake up call. The other thing is, I realized I didn't do one active thing in all of 2012. I was the biggest lazy ass ever, and I'm lucky I didn't gain 100lbs. It really is time for me to shape up and smarten up.

    1. I've been thinking about doing a juice cleanse to start off 2013. Problem is I don't own a juicer! I too want to eat better and work out better this year, just trying to figure out how to make it a goal I'll actually achieve - I don't want to be too vague but I don't want to make it so specific there's no way I'll succeed. In a nutshell I want to eat more clean/whole foods and vary my workouts more. Right now I do 90% cardio and that's mostly running and biking. Incorporating strength training and other activities like yoga or swimming would all be good ideas. Just gotta make a plan :)

  2. News Years resolutions are the kind of shit that keeps me up at night too. I am very affected by January and a planner, if all is not right with my world thats the month that I deal with it. I need to ensure that I deal with the right shit this January

    1. Me too - if January starts off on the wrong foot I have a meltdown! It's a hard month for sure, lots of pressure. Just thinking about it I need a drink.

  3. I've done monthly goals in the past but I always forget about them by the end of the month. Oops. Some of my big goals for the next year include running a 10k, starting my own business, decorating our house (after more than 5 years of living there ...) - and adjusting to a new baby in the house :)

    1. Those sound like good goals and all very doable! Look forward to reading about them :) Happy New Year!