Fridays are for fashion.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm not sure if I'd define myself as a "fashionable" girl. I have a lot of clothes, sure. Definitely an outfit for every occasion. I generally look presentable when I go out. But "fashionable"? I dunno about that one. I have never been a trendy person, but I like to buy things that I'll wear for years. Things that won't date me in photos. If someone sees a photo of me today 50 years from now I want them to not be able to tell what decade I was in.

That being said, my style has changed a lot over the past year. A year ago I was working at a bigger ad agency with lots of very put-together ladies, so the bar was set high and I tried to bring my A-game every day. There were things like patterned tights, four-inch heels, and two-week-long spans where I wouldn't wear a pair of pants. Also, I wore a lot of black and mostly shunned my glasses, preferring to sit with my face six inches away from my Macbook monitor and squint.

This year, I'm working at a smaller office with all guys, and it's in a charming, but definitely more "colourful" neighbourhood. My work style has shifted to one that's much more comfortable and functional. I wear a lot of skinny jeans and scarves. I have worn flats more in the past six months than I ever have since elementary school. Not only are they more comfortable, but it's a safety thing too. It's a lot more easier to run from crackheads and carjackers when you're not wearing spike heels. I wear my glasses when I'm working on my computer and I have had way fewer headaches lately (coincidence?)

While I might be dressing more practically these days I'm still trying my best not to look like a frumposaurus - if I'm wearing jeans to work, for example, I'll dress them up with a nice shirt and cardigan or some jewelry to make the outfit work-appropriate and professional. And "jeans" means dark skinny jeans, not tattered, faded denim. If I'm wearing a basic t-shirt, I'll throw on a scarf to make it look like I'm trying. I have also been wearing flat boots a lot, but this doesn't mean Uggs or BOOTS WITH THA FURRR - rather nice leather boots that work with skirts and pants alike. Bonus: I don't have to tote around my "indoor shoes" in a stupid bag to change into when I get to work.

It's not that I don't care about how I look, or about fashion, or that I don't have the budget to buy new things. I think I've just proved an old saying: women dress for other women. Agree or disagree? Have you always had the same style or has it changed?

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