Friday, January 07, 2011

The weekend is almost here - just a few hours to go. And am I ever ready for it! The first full week back to work after the holidays always feels about three times as long and this week was no exception. I love being busy and having a lot on the go, but I'm pretty zapped of energy. I feel like a senior citizen and all I want to do is wrap up in an afghan, drink a tea, and fall asleep in my big chair at an absurdly early hour. Like, during Jeopardy.

I have a lot of plans this weekend but it's mostly low-key stuff - nothing too ambitious.

-baking cookies (specifically, these cookies as shared by Kyla Roma
-skating on the Canada Games Oval, weather permitting!
-exchanging a sweater (hole in the armpit) and shoes (don't fit) I received for Christmas. I'm not buying any new clothes until May, so this is the closest I'll come to doing so
-going to the gym tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday
-playing in the snow with Rory
-getting my hair cut
-watching the Jersey Shore premiere I DVR'ed last night and fist-pumping away. I couldn't make it to midnight last night to watch it. See above senior citizen reference.
-lots of reading, writing, cleaning, organizing and relaxing at home. I love being home at this time of year. My favourite place to be when it's cold and gross outside. I'm on a big organizing kick lately and I want to get systems in place over the winter for everything - receipts and bills, shoes and boots, Christmas decorations, baking supplies...I wish we had The Container Store here. I'd be in heaven.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Ugh I know. Getting out of bed every day this week has seemed like the most painful thing in the world to do, like EVAR.

    Your weekend sounds pretty stellar to me. :) Especially the cookie part! Have a great one Amy!

    PS, I like your new blog header!

  2. I have zero plans! Well,except for a good lunch or dinner out somewhere... food. Gotta have it :)
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Thanks! It's one of our photographer's shots from our wedding reception after people got a few drinks into them and started ditching their shoes :)

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  5. I am totally making those cookies tomorrow too :)

    Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Stephanie - mmm, food. have a great weekend!
    Emily Jane - I'm so excited to bake them! Hope they turn out.

  7. I cheering for you for your shopping ban :) You can do it.

  8. Happy Friday!!! I am so happy to have made it to the end of the week. I still haven't made any weekend plans. Have a fabulous one. :)

  9. Let's, laundry (we have stupid high peak hours here so it is cheaper to do it on Saturdays!), picking out paint colours for the kitchen cabinets (it's finally going to happen!), then snow play time with Piper (because that's all it does up here is snow).

  10. Thanks FB! I think I can do it :) I did my exchanges at the mall and had blinders on - didn't even glance at anything new.

    Amy - it's been a crazy week for sure. Hope you have a good weekend!

    Ainsley - we're getting lots of snow here this weekend too. Let me know what you come up with for the cabinets!


    From this "Mellow and Comforting" section we picked Plateau Grey for the bottom cabinets and then Pillar for the uppers (5th column from the left, underneath Dark Cavern). Now my dear sweet Brendan is downstairs sanding away. Five cupboards down, 20 more to go!

  12. I really like those colours. Make sure to send a picture when they're done! Good on ya for having Brendan do the sanding :D