Blue Monday

Monday, January 17, 2011

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Today is Blue Monday - what 'the experts' have dubbed as the most depressing day of the year. Apparently the winter weather, lack of sunlight, stress of post-Christmas bills, having no paid holidays until Easter in April (APRIL!!??), the fact that it's Monday, etc. have all joined forces and conspired to hit at the exact same time, making today the shittiest day of the entire calendar year.

I get it. I'm not a skier or a snowboarder so I have no reason to love winter. I don't enjoy stomping around in furry boots and hoods, freezing my fingers off to unlock the front door, leaving the house in the morning and coming home after dark for weeks and weeks. I don't like the post-Christmas letdown (who has two thumbs and cried honest-to-god tears about taking down the tree? This girl.) Hours drag. Lips get chapped. Skin gets pale. Hair frizzes. Weeks feel like months, months feel like years. You're trying to work out every day, lose weight, save money, not spend on frivolous things, cut back on booze. Going outside requires serious layers and prep time.

The winter blahs are definitely creeping up on me. Over the past few weeks, since Christmas actually, the urge to hibernate has been strong. Getting out of bed is hard. Going out to socialize is hard. Nothing seems as appealing as the couch, an afghan, tea, and a book in front of the fireplace. Or sweatpants and a National Lampoon marathon. Or our fluffy white bed, an eye mask, and no alarm clock. For a few weeks. At least, until there's something tangible to look forward to on the calendar page. When there's a date to circle and draw happy faces on, and I can see it every day and count down to it, then I start to feel better.

I understand why people get depressed at this time of the year. I want to look out the window and see green grass, buds on the trees, the net back up at the tennis court. I want sunshine on the drive home. Barbecues. Hummingbirds. Warm rainy days - the kind that don't leave the streets a slick sheet of ice. I want to be able to wear high heels outside without breaking my neck in the snow. I want to be able to run around the neighbourhood in the fresh air, not sweating to death on a treadmill with all the New Year's resolutioners watching sports highlights on TSN and inhaling the scent of everybody's B.O.

I'm not unhappy. I just need something to look forward to...a date on my calendar to get excited about.

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  1. I hear you!!!

    Aren't you Canadian? - don't you have Family Day in February?

  2. oh man, i feel the same way. i have to really find the little things to make me happy this time of year (shopping and scoring nice sweaters on clearance; cooking a good meal and enjoying a bottle of wine i made with it; lucy...etc). i did get to have today off, paid, and i'll have another paid holiday next month.

    the good thing about easter being so much later in the year is a much better chance of being somewhat warm at that time.

    with the lake effect snow, it hasn't stopped since december 1st. it was 1 degree last night. it's really wearing down on me...

  3. Amy - Nova Scotia doesn't get Family Day! HUGE sad face!

    Val - It definitely wears on you, having day after day (week after week!) of crap weather. That's a good point about Easter though. Hopefully it'll actually be Eastery feeling by then.

  4. I know what you mean, and a job that no one notices if you go in or not doesn't help at all! I did get MLK day off but Sean didn't so it's just like every other day.

  5. i thought to myself as well that perhaps i should cut back on the booze, or other things that are bad...but then i decided no...why make myself more miserable? just do it in moderation.

  6. I really can't relate...I'm not saying this to rub it in either but was 82 degrees over the weekend...I don't know what that is in Fahrenheit but it was gorgeous. I can totally understand the blues though. We need sun for a few hours a day to feel good. I just saw as how on the Alaskan State Troopers and they apparently have the highest rate of suicide because of just this.


  8. Maybe you need to listen to some more excited music.
    I love this Wale song (cough) album...
    Pretty girls is so positive though. Only ugly girls are quiet. Pretty girls clap.

    SN: ugly girls like the winter. Rejoice.


  9. traveler@large - i like that song too...listening to it now and it's helping, thank you!