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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today is my oneweekiversary at my new job and it's been superflippinfantastical so far. The commute is so easy and involves a little bit of a drive and a little bit of a walk. There's a lovely coffee shop right around the corner. There were yellow tulips on my desk the first day. And there's a huge bowl of apples and oranges in the kitchen.

Oh, right. There's also the actual WORK. I'm busy, but it's that mythical kind of good busy. I'm learning a lot and working with interesting clients. My projects are almost entirely interactive, so I'm enjoying getting to work on that side of the business a bit more.

Probably the biggest change of all is that my coworkers are all male. I've never worked in an all-boys office before, so it's a little different for me. Not bad different, but it's been interesting to see how the dynamic changes when you've add broads to the mix. Here are some examples:

Co-ed office: Spend 5+ minutes every morning deciding which shoes to wear and ensuring they make sense with my outfit. Change shoes 3x before leaving the house. Clip-clop around the office all day.
All-boys office: Wear the same Joe Fresh flats every day. Zero strategy required. Make no noise when walking.

Co-ed office: Conversations about babies, hair appointments, weight fluctuations, and sales at Banana Republic.
All-boys office: Conversations about electronics, vehicle repairs, beer, and sports.

Co-ed office: No special treatment.
All-boys office: I'M SPECIAL!

I once worked in an office with all girls, and hoo boy, that was an experience and a half. I loved them, but there was enough estrogen in that place to make Chuck Norris grow six boobs. Everyone was so sensitive and so politically correct and so emotional. I was constantly getting reprimanded by one of the ladies in particular for being too uncouth and potty-mouthed.

Conclusion: Guys are much easier to work with than girls, and my new job is quite lovely.

(edited so you can see me enjoying tea at my nice new desk...hurray for photobooth!):

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  1. Congrats on finding a job you love!!! My office is about 98% male - Def a big change when I first started here. The 2% females don't enjoy the ration but I adore it. I immediately adopted their interpretation of just the CASUAL part of the buisness casual dress code and am currently wearing jeans and flip flops at my desk. Life is good!

  2. Oh god how I would love to work with men. Oddly enough, I still work in an office with all women.. but there's only four of us and we're all cool (for the most part). I worked in an office with 10 women. Sweet lord the cat-fights, gossip. It's painful. I'm super glad to hear that you like your new job!!! :)

  3. i almost completely agree with that. one of the main downers about working with all men is hearing how they talk about their wives (not flatter) and their vasectomies. awk.ward.

  4. Oh goodness that's been my experience in LIFE!! Girls inevitably cause drama, and boys are hassle-free and totally comfortable :) Sounds like an absolute blast - glad it's going so wonderfully!!

    Random sidenote: Captcha word verification for this comment was "bile". Nice :)

  5. Yeah for new jobs! As you know, I just started mine a couple months ago. I too am enjoying a never-ending fruit supply... it's divine. Having worked in offices full of men, I can say - IT IS WAY BETTER. Enjoy it, m'lady! And by the way, I loooove your bangs, and I kind of want to cut some now!

  6. so jealous! i wish my department was all boys, because otherwise i'm always getting in trouble for my mouth also. always having to watch what i say and who i say it to. there these two "queen bees" where it's like, if they're in a bad mood, everyone else will be too. whatever aura they give off everyone else catches it.

  7. Jenilee-Thank you! I know that after the 'honeymoon' phase is over I'll be going super casual too.

    Kathy-Oh I forgot the gossip. These boys are not gossipy in the least. Sometimes I crave it...SOMETIMES. Just a leetle dirt :)

    heisschic-that hasn't started yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time!

    Emily Jane-mmm, bile!! Guys are so much simpler than girls :)

    Sarah-thanks! I needed a hair change. New job, new hair, yanno!

    Val-I hate that queen bee syndrome at work. It's no fun for anyone. Ego free workplaces ftw!

  8. why do you wear your wedding rings on the wrong hand?

  9. I don' just looks that way in Photo Booth. Mirror image and all that craziness.

  10. I hope the novelty of an all-male office NEVER wears off! Doesn't it feel good to enjoy going to the same place 5 days a week? ENJOY!!

  11. I work in a male dominated environment, and I agree that guys are often simpler. I don't really like listening to the little gossip they do do, such as the ones about their wives and how they spend their money - whether it's true or not.

  12. Em-Me too!

    Aspiring Minimalist-These ones aren't gossipy at all, at least not yet!