What's up, May Two-Four?

Friday, May 21, 2010

This is the forecast for the long weekend. Hellooooooo, summer!...ish. Not only is it May Two-four but it's also Bluenose Marathon weekend. I'm not running in the marathon, but this is still pretty significant because it's rained and been completely disgusting on race weekend for the past however many years it's been happening.

My sister is visiting Halifax tonight and so we'll be going out for dinner and then lots of shopping and sightseeing tomorrow before she goes home. On Sunday some friends and I are heading to a cottage and coming back to town on Monday. Should be a nice, relaxing, girly weekend! What are you up to this long weekend?*

*Apologies if you live somewhere that doesn't celebrate May Two-four. I'm sure you'll have a lovely regular-length weekend too. Try not to be too jealous we have a holiday that is centred around a box of 24 beers. Legends say there was an ancient queen who once factored into the equation.

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  1. Please explain this May Two-Four please.... Are you making this up or is it REALLY a holiday!?

    We get Memorial Day weekend next week... So long weekend for us. WOoHoo!

  2. Happy long weekend! It's going to be nice here too I think - I'm planning on sitting outside, eating ice cream, and finishing the book I'm on right now. And maybe tackling my catastrophe of a laundry pile :)

  3. Jenilee...it's actually Victoria Day but we call it May Two-Four because it generally falls sometime around the 24th and it's just a big drunk!

    Emily Jane...sounds like a good few days! Have fun!

  4. Woo! I love May 2-4. It's usually the unofficial start to spring. ;)(Canada Day is the official start to summer)...

    We're going to a backyard bbq with plenty of vodka, with 2 days of recovery after. HA! Can't wait.

  5. I'm a little jealous... Granted our Memorial Day weekend turns into a big drunk fest too, complete with parades and firetrucks with firemen throwing candy (horrible mix if you ask me... quite dangerous)...


  6. Sarah--hope you had a good long weekend!

    Jenilee--happy Memorial Day to you! :)