Gray or Blonde?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Every night before I go to bed, I like to play a little game with my bathroom mirror. I like to call it, "Gray or Blonde?" It involves me leaning in close to the mirror and inspecting my head and looking for scary light hairs. Then I have to yank them out and lay them on a pure white surface and decide: Is it gray? Or is it blonde? Fun for the whole family, huh??

I'm either blessed or cursed with multicoloured hair. I have hairs that are dark brown to the point of almost being black, hairs that are medium brown, light brown hairs, and blonde hairs. Mix them all together and you get a terrific shade called Mouse Shit Brown. A recent vacation down south also increases the incidence of sun-bleached blonde hairs, which makes my game of Gray or Blonde? more stressful and time consuming.

Suffice it to say this little game is eating into my precious sleepy time, never mind the fact that I lied when I said it was fun. I admit to having cried real tears upon not being able to convince myself a hair fit the "blonde" criteria. I know the simple solution to my fretting would be to dye my hair one single, monotone, non-gray colour, but I hate putting crap in my hair and I really don't need to dye it.

Please tell me I'm not alone and crazy in the hunt for whiteys in my scalp. Does anyone else play Gray or Blonde? What do you do? Dye? Ignore? Don't care? Oblivious? Too young to worry about it? (If so, I hate you).

And I hate being an old hag.

Sad, sad panda.

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  1. Oh no my Friend ... you are absolutely NOT alone in this!

    I'm 28 now, and I swear the gray hairs have been steadily increasing for the past 3 years. I'm not EXACTLY to the point where I need to start covering it up, so I indeed spend many a'hour in front of the bathroom mirror, or the hallway mirror, or the bedroom mirror plucking them out.

    It's a sad sad state of affairs, is it not?

    Solidarity, Sister!

  2. Oh unfortunately I have a few whiteys too. And I have DARK hair so they're all the more obvious. I pulled one out once and it was half white, half black. And cried. I'm MID TWENTIES!! Sad panda indeed :(

  3. ok, im glad im not alone either! I can easily spend an hour in front of the mirror searching and plucking out any stray white hairs i find... (they are easy to find with dark hair!)

    I think the old wives tale is true stating that if you pluck out a white hair, 5 will grow in its place!

    ... some day I am going to wake up bald because I plucked them all out. Getting older sucks :(

  4. I am too blonde and too young to worry about gray hairs.

    You may being to hate me now.

    It's okay. I accept it.

  5. I have naturally dirty blonde hair. I dye it red. When the roots come in, they look gray. I never really started contemplating whether they were REALLY gray or not until the last time I went to get my hair cut almost 3 months ago. The hair dresser found gray hair starting to show it's ugly roots on the right side, behind my ear and above my neck. I asked her if it was really gray or the blonde roots. She stated that they were definitely gray. She also said that area is where grays usually start showing up.

  6. I try to tell myself that the hair is blonde.....a little voice inside my head reminds me that 30 is just two years away.
    I'm coloring my hair this weekend. :)

  7. I have mousy shit blond hair, and yes I play that game ALL THE TIME! Though the grays tend to be shorter, and thicker and poke out of the very top of my head where no one could possibly miss them.


  8. I'd be with you, except I dye my hair too much to know if I'm starting to get salt in with the pepper.

    Wrinkles on the other hand... now that's fair game!

  9. Absolutely not the only one. in fact, i too devoted a whole blog entry to this fascinating issue recently:

  10. @Em--You sound just like me!

    @Emily Jane--Half white, half black...just like a panda (literally), sad or otherwise! :) Getting old is horrible!

    @Jen I think you're right about 5 growing back for each one you pluck. The old wives were right!

    @Sarah HATE!!! :D

    @Val I haven't been checking around my ears/neck...oh no. I'm probably sporting a humungous white patch and don't even know!

    @besswess Did you colour your hair? What colour? I'm thinking about it too :(

    @Michelle Mine are on top of my head too. Not at all subtle!

    @Julie I haven't dyed mine in years so it's there in all its natural multicoloured glory :s

    @the newcomer I'm glad I'm not the only one who freaks out over this stuff!